Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Pumpkin Cauldron

Another enchanted creation for Halloween, this one is called: "The Pumpkin Cauldron". The cauldron project was made using a floral foam pumpkin, Pippa Bella embellishment from Cupieology Line, Lisa Kettell Designs, Pixie Wands from Lisa Kettell Designs, handmade/dyed bottle brush tree from Lisa Kettell Designs, glittered stars, vintage bingo tokens, and other magical supplies!
The Story:

Every year when the 12th day before Halloween arrives, Pippa hosts a series of magical events at her home in Waverly Hollow. She transforms her whole barn into a glowing pumpkin where magical carved beets, turnips and gourds hang from every nook and cranny. 

Night One is called: "Night of the Blue Moon Tree", here Pippa and her close friends put up a series of blue trees which are known to glisten in the moon light. Each tree is adorned with magical handmade ornaments and glittery stars.

Night Two is called: "Spellbinding Tea and Trees", This is the night where Pippa and her friends sit and tell ancient tales of magic and mayhem over a pot of blue tea as they sit around the decorated blue trees.

Night Three is called: "Badge of Caliber", Every year Pippa and her friends also known as the Blue Moon Society, engage in a series of magical sports against fellow societies in the area. Here the best of the best compete in games to win badges of caliber and the highest honor in the games: The Silver Cup.

Night Four is called: "The Winners Dinner", Pippa's land hosts the annual Badge of Caliber awards dinner. You will find a private fun fair, and 100 foot long table where guests dine on a delicious dinner and bevy of treats.

Night Five is called: "Potionology 101", for three hours Pippa and her friends share new potion recipes and test rare, almost forgotten ones, over hot pumpkin juice and sugared beet tarts.

Night Six is called: "Cauldrons Run", This is the night when the rarest herbs and flowers come alive and share their yearly secrets for a better harvest and town folklore that may actually be true. These herbs and flowers then cast a spell for blessings until they come back again next year.

Night Seven is called: "Pippa's Surprise Scavenger Hunt", here Pippa conjures up a scavenger hunt, hiding magical gifts in a variety of places. Each person gets a map and 4 hours to complete it, in order to locate their prizes.

Night Eight is called: "Unicorn's Flight School", Pippa and her friends are taught how to ride unicorns and pegasus instead of their brooms.

Night Nine is called: "Amulets of Protection Workshop", Here Pippa and her friends, make new protection amulets to ward off anything bad and protect them all year long.

Night Ten is called: "Harvest of Light", The annual harvest of lights carnival is held on Pippa's land, filled with magical rides including the Mermaid Lagoon Float, The Comet and Carousel of Magic rides, candy apples, caramel corn and pumpkin ice cream are always a must.

Night Eleven is called: "Halloween Wizards Dinner", Pippa's Uncle Woodcliff, invites highly recognized wizards across the land to a special ceremonial dinner at his castle located at the tip of Waverly Hollow, easily accessible from Pippa's underground tunnel located underneath her barn.

Night Twelve is called: "Halloween Masquerade", Here everyone in the land begins their night at Pippa's annual party to celebrate all things magical and Halloween.

After Halloween ends, Pippa keeps here trees up and switches their decor to get ready for Christmas in December and Wizard Month in January. Stay tuned for all the fun and adventures awaiting Pippa and You!

Here are some pictures of The Pumpkin Cauldron Project!

Hope you all have a magic and enchanted fill night!


Incipient Wings said...

This is beyond enchanting!!!
I love how this looks... And the story!
Helena ADORES them Lisa:)
Thanks for this inspiring post!

DogsMom said...

Pippa must have incredible stamina!

dandelion twist said...

Lisa I LOVE what you've done here!! It's so magical and enchanting!! I look forward to seeing more!!!!

dandelion twist said...

Lisa, I LOVE what you've done here!!! Everything is so magical and enchanting!! I look forward to seeing more!!!!!

Lisa Kettell said...

Thanks so much everyone! Sending magic and joy your way! PS Pippa has tons of magic and energy lol