Sunday, October 27, 2013

7 Days of Magic: Spell-a-la-palooza, Day Two

Welcome to Day Two of the Seven Days of Spell-a-la-palooza, where visitors to the blog can enter a giveaway filled with several prizes over the course of seven days. Winners will be announced Nov.3, 2013. In addition I will be announcing the 2013-2014 Design Team, unveiling new product and the website. For rules & how to enter, scroll down to the bottom of this post.

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Queen Trudy

Day Two of Spellbinding Tales:

Every year when the 12th day before Halloween arrives, Pippa Bellows hosts a series of magical events at her home in Waverly Hollow. She transforms her whole barn into a glowing pumpkin where magical carved beets, turnips and gourds hang from every nook and cranny. 

As you know last night was night five of the Halloween festivities. Night five was called Potionology 101 which was taught by Professor Conrad Wiltstone, leading potion-ologist, and two time winner of the Wortley Wimbatt Award. In the workshop I created all the essential potions needed in every wizards magic box, and got to experiment with rare herbs and spells. I excelled at the Wimworm Primworm Transformation Spell. I tweaked it with some of my secret ingredients and was able to perfect it. 

By the end of the workshop each of the students created their own secret hideaways and potions, learned how to transform ourselves and how to keep our secret hideaway jars invisible from others. Such an amazing experience. 

Tonight is night six of magic and we are getting ready for the next event: "Cauldrons Run", which is the night when the rarest herbs and flowers come alive and share their yearly secrets for a better harvest and town folklore that may actually be true. These herbs and flowers then cast a spell for blessings until they come back again next year, so cool.

One of the herbs; "Violets Brumme" has already come to life, she is an early bloomer with the sweetest smell and personality. Her hair is a enchanting violet color, with hints of shimmering blue, that glows when the moonlight beams onto it.

Pippa and Violet have led us all to the edge of the woods, where Cornelius Primnott, Conrad Wiltstone, Snap Ravenwood, Lionel Grimshaw and Tinker Gazergreen are awaiting our arrival so the evening festivities can truly begin.


At the edge of the woods sits Wiltmoore Bridge, located behind Waverly Conservatory where our Wizard Guides are waiting. They have set up a long table with spell books, garden boxes, candles, lanterns and merriwig elixir. We have been told to bring along our wands, brooms and 2 empty potion jars. 

Then I've been told when the clock strikes 10pm, the transformation of the herbs begin. Pixies from all over the land aid in the magic shower that will illuminate the night sky and call on every star in the universe.

This is all I know for now, can't wait to share tonight's adventure with all of you tomorrow!. The pictures I shared are part of tonight's adventure. Notice the herbs and flowers coming to life in the photo above. That flower is named Luna, her sisters shown next to her are; Mina, Petunia and Seenie.

Have an enchanted evening!

P.S. All photos are photographed and edited with filters and handmade digital elements by me.
Lisa Kettell Designs c.2013


Incipient Wings said...

Stunning photos Lisa!
Love this:)

DogsMom said...

Oh I do think tonight may be one of my favorite evenings of this event.

Lola Enchanted said...

Ohhhh You've left me in such a dreamy magical state! What a great day this will be!!!

Pure magic doll!!

deb famularo said...

I just want to escape inside of your beautiful photographs! Can I make a potion to do that!? :)