Tuesday, October 29, 2013

7 Days of Magic: Spell-a-la-palooza, Day Four

Day Four of Spellbinding Tales:

We are all moving on to day/night four of Spellapalooza which has been filled with transformation potions, secret hideaways, magical gardens coming to life and a scavenger hunt, all to celebrate this years Halloween Festivities. Last night was called "Pippa's Surprise Scavenger Hunt, where we were given special maps and clues in order to locate the grand prize of the hunt. 

The hardest part of the hunt last night was the Maze at Maiden's Path, where secret doors and labyrinths took you on spiral turns and down hidden corridors, which had dead ends. Pepper Longley and Gabriel Beekman both got lost in the Maze, and were finally found.

My partner and I, carefully read the clues, stayed on the appointed paths and did not let our curiosity lead us off the guided paths like some of the others had done. Eventually we found our way out and headed for Windbreakers Hill for the final clue of the night, which involved two star tokens that we gave to Durkin Lars, who was the officially appointed token keeper of the hunt. Durkin led us to the Gates of Percy, where a gilded Phoenix was waiting to fly us back to Pippa's for the final hunt count.

I'm happy to say that my partner and I came in first place and won the grand prize which were two tickets to the Tri-Wizard World Soccer Tournament in November, where national leagues compete for the World Cup. The tickets also included Turret stand box seats, free food and spirits, such an amazing evening filled with exhilarating challenges and feats.

Tonight will not be as extensive, for we are learning to ride Unicorns and Pegasus at The Tornelius School of Uni-questrian Magic on the grounds of Waverly Stables. This event is labeled as "Unicorn's Flight School", in the itinerary guide.  

At the stables we will be appointed a Unicorn and a Pegasus for the nights events. Then learn the basics of riding and flying. How to hide our furry friends and how to harness the unicorns horn for protection during an emergency in case our wands power isn't enough. Unicorns are the most powerful of the magic creatures. Their horns are of the purest magic and the most sought after by dark wizards. Their protection and existence is important to the magical world.

Pegasus are the guardians of their unicorn friends and often scout areas first, before their unicorn friends venture to the area, shielding them with their wings which turn into armor shields during a battle for protection or help.

The Tornelius School is one of the oldest in the land and takes pride on their training and culture of their creatures. Founding Father Tornelius Bromwick acquired this land via a magic treaty between his non magic world friend Professor Theodore Tuckerton who bestowed part of his land in Waverly to Tornelius who he met in Wizard School when they were boys. Theodore, decided to live in the non magic world, protecting all magic world portals from dark forces and danger.

I'm not sure what the night holds, but each of us are all excited for it. Wendy Bellows, Pippa and Myself baked almond crescent cookies and coconut date bars for snacks tonight. I already had a few cookies, hehehe, soooo good.

Well I'm off to the stables!
Magic and Joy Everyone,

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Queen Trudy 


DogsMom said...

Congratulations on your big win. That took so much focus not to be distracted and go off course.

I hope you are not allergic to unicorn fur. Have a safe night.

deb famularo said...

i <3 your enchanting cReAtIvE mind! congrats on your 1st place!!! The tri-wizard soccer world cup, yayyy! xo

Lisa Kettell said...

LOL, it was tough, but I took the challenge and won, lol...No allergies to Unicorn fur either :-)))
Get ready Deb for the world cup, its going to be fun :-))))

Lola Enchanted said...

Congrats on winning.. I know that had to be a hard one!!! :)