Friday, October 04, 2013

Wizard Wimbatte Flies The Globe

Wizard Wimbatte "Set sail on an adventure around the world with Wizard Wimbatte while she brings you on the journey of a lifetime. Stop off for tea and magic studies hour at the Tower of London, then rest over at Big Ben before your next stop at the Eiffel Tower. Whirl on over to Tivoli Gardens for two magic filled days and the Enchanted Swan Soiree. Uncover the hidden tunnels beneath the Grand Tulip Patch leading you to the secret world known as Pixie-Topia. At the end of Pixie-Topia you will set sail on Luna Rillowby's Flying Vessel over the Fjord on your way to a Trollian event where you'll enjoy delicious treats, spirits and festival fun. The party isn't over yet, Wizard Wimbatte has you off to Luzerne in Switzerland for a Magic Studies Workshop while enjoying a variety of fondu and chocolate elixirs. Bavaria is calling you to the annual Bavaria Wizardry Fair, you could even compete is some magical competitions if you think you can actually win while competing against the worlds top wizards. Whether you win or lose friends in Romania are waiting for you to attend the Spells and Mayhem at Dracula's Castle where you will learn Gypsy Magic, How to protect yourself from Vampires, and spells thought to be forgotten. Are you tired yet? Enjoying the journey? You still have to visit Russia, Tibet, Japan, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Shamans in South Africa, Australia, and Tasmania with a final voyage to New Zealand and New Guinea. Hope you packed enough clothes and supplies for the trip, if not, Wizard Wimbatte will help you gather some essential supplies. I can't wait till the journey is over and see all the artifacts and items you collected throughout your trip"..... Wizard WimbatteWizard WimbatteWizard Wimbatte  

The Project 
Wizard Wimbatte Flies the Globe, Altered Assemblage piece created using products in my line: The XL Cupie Head in Aqua part of the Cupie-ology line, the Small Globe base in my line, and various other goodies, also available as a kit!

The Kit Includes
-Small globe base
-XL Cupie doll head, aqua color hair
-1/2 crescent moon
-swizzle wand stick
-Pre-made paper cone wizard hat
-White paper wire
-Glitter stars
-Crepe paper
-Embellishments, ribbon, little foil medallion
-Complete Project Instructions

The globe measures 5 1/2 inches tall.
The XL cupie head, flat back measures around 3 inches by 3 inches

If you don't buy the kit, the project instructions are available in the latest Piddlestixs Vol. 6 Magazine, on sale tonight at
Wizard Wimbatte
I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into Wizard Wimbatte's flying adventure, stay tuned for the artifacts project from the adventure!



deb famularo said...
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deb famularo said...

love, love, LOVE her!

You design little pieces of joy Lisa! So cute!!! xo

Incipient Wings said...

How adorable is this!!?!?
Your imagination is amazing:)
This project is so cute...
Makes me happy!

Lisa Kettell said...

Thanks soooo much ladies, you both rock!

ByLightOfMoon said...

Very Cute Lisa!
Smiles, Cyndi