Friday, November 01, 2013

Spellapalooza Final Evening of Events

Welcome to the final Day/Night of Spellapalooza called  "Halloween Masquerade". Tonight everyone in the land begins their night at Pippa's annual party to celebrate all things magical and Halloween.

Last few nights I created an amulet of protection which harnessed my inner power, attended the "Harvest of Light". This is the annual harvest of lights carnival held on Pippa's land. It is filled with magical rides including the Mermaid Lagoon Float, The Comet and Carousel of Magic rides, candy apples, caramel corn and pumpkin ice cream are always a must.

Last night Eleven I attended the"Halloween Wizards Dinner", Pippa's Uncle Woodcliff, invites highly recognized wizards across the land to a special ceremonial dinner at his castle located at the tip of Waverly Hollow, easily accessible from Pippa's underground tunnel located underneath her barn.

Please visit some of these amazing fellow bloggers who are joining in the fun and have fabulous sites that are sure to peak your creativity.
Queen Trudy 

All photos taken by me on my travels and the necklace is one of my recent pieces I created. 

I"ll be sharing the new design team tomorrow and the winners of the raffle contest via rafflecopter.

Happy Haunting and Creating
Lisa :-))))) 


DogsMom said...

Oh I do enjoy a masquerade!

Incipient Wings said...

You look lovely:)

Lola Enchanted said...

Amazing! What a magical week of enchanting adventures!!