Monday, September 02, 2013

Football Season Is Here!

Football Cuffs
Football Season is here, bringing more color and cheer to our days. Baseball season still going strong, now my second fave sport football is here, love the jersey's the tailgating, the thrill of seeing my fave team play and strive for the ultimate win: Superbowl, which will be hosted in NJ this year.

Football isn't just NFL, its college and all the team spirit that goes with college football, Texas Am, Clemson, Rutgers, Notre Dame, and more, college fans are young and old, they support their alma mater and the players who are grooming for the next step NFL after they graduate.
Football CuffsFootball CuffsFootball Cuffs

For me, I am a huge Notre Dame fan, but still support NJ colleges and teams such as Rutgers: Scarlet Knights, my college, Caldwell College doesn't have a football team, but we have a great basketball team, which I also create cuffs for, basketball.

My sports cuffs aren't limited to baseball or football, I create basketball, soccer, volleyball, rodeo, racecar (nascar), tennis, softball, rocker and military, plus several other sports and styles coming everyday.

All my cuffs are made with game played sports balls or new from the box, I have vintage and used in stock as well, colors and themes are no problem, all can be created.
Football CuffsFootball CuffsFootball Cuffs
Football CuffsJennifer's Football Cuff
Stay tuned for more styles and themes, including additional sports accessories made from the heart and for the love of the game.


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