Thursday, September 26, 2013

Percy's Magic House

Percy's Magic House
Here is another altered art house assemblage I created using products in my line: Cupie-ology by Lisa Kettell Designs, I made this using a small wood doll house shaped closet found in the wood section of the craft store, layered w/scrapbook paper, trim, glitter and embellishments from Lisa Kettell Designs line of products. The main piece was the painted Bailey embellishment sold in a painted pack of three.

This is an updated project from my book, Altered Art Circus, Quarry Books, where I have some projects in there using doll house wooden closets and houses that are turned into circus carts like the cover of the book and assemblages.Percy's Magic House
 Percy's Magic HousePercy's Magic House

The Story: "Percy Grimwald lives at the edge of Stony Brook Forest by Bluebelle Fields and Hickory Stone which sits beside the Twin Star River. Percy can be seen overseeing his garden filled with wiggly wots, piddlebat, tweenseed and licorice root. Every Tuesday he heads to the Twinkle Spat Farms for the weekly farmers market where you can find his latest crops, in addition to Tye Wiggs' Candy Stalks, Caramel Blue Raspberry Apple Sticks, and Peppermint Elixirs. Here you can by Cherry Doc Bulbs, Bat Dust and a variety of magical delights.

After the market Percy invites friends over for afternoon tea elixirs and treats made from delights in his garden, you never know what sparks are going to fly out his windows if the Twinie Pixies show up for tea and begin playing twizzle stixs, which light up and spread moon dust everywhere.....
Percy's Magic House
 Percy's Magic House
Percy's Magic House
Stay tuned for new carnival/circus carts using my latest products.



Incipient Wings said...

More more more!
I would LOVE to see another book from you! enchanted carnivals or something!
Adore altered art circus!! You're overflowing with amazing inspiring ideas Lisa!
Love this little guy and the stories! Wow:)
Thank you!

Nichola said...

A-flipping-dorable :)

Lisa Kettell said...

Thanks sooo much ladies.. Hope you both have a wonderful weekend! xoxo