Monday, September 09, 2013

Metal Automotive Jewelry

In addition to creating various styles of sport cuffs and rock star jewelry, I decided to add some new styles and designs to my line of wares which was inspired by race cars, vintage gas stations, oil signs and metal travel signs, this line is called: Metal Automotive Necklaces and Jewelry. Each of these pieces was created from vintage style medium metal gas station and motor signs, that are threaded with basic ball chains, link metal chains, blinged out with rhinestones and jewelry components, or leather. Each of these pieces are handmade and focus on the motor elements, for the race car or oil nostalgia in you. When ordering make sure I have the car, oil or travel sign pieces of your choice in stock, custom orders are always accepted. The most popular of the pieces seems to be the Route 66, Phillips 66 and Chevy Corvette ones, these icons sell out faster, so again please inquire about their availability. Thanks so much for stopping by, xoxo Lisa

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