Monday, September 23, 2013

Book Review: I Just Like To Make Things

Every time I see a Quarry Books Publication I get excited and not just because they are my own publisher, their quality of topics, authors and book design are really outstanding with rich content. With that being said, I just had the excitement of reading a new publication printed by them called; "I Just Like To Make Things" by Lilla Rogers.

Before even opening this book you read the captions; "A Top Artists' Agent Tells All" and the luring; " Learn The Secrets To Making Money While Staying Passionate About Your Art and Craft" which instantly grabs your attention and lures you into grabbing a cup of coffee and opening the book, which I did.

The Paper Goods Market, The Gift Market, What is Licensing and the Tips for one trying to break into it, Finding the Market and previews of Lilla's line w/ Ruby Violet and Ruby Violet w/Prima, were some of my favorite topics discussed in the book. While you won't become an agent or be an instant success after reading the book, you will however become better educated about the design and parallel industries which can lead to better preparation before shows, events and sending in your submissions. It will act as a good guide to refer to if getting started or a good refresher for those looking to advance themselves.

I've been in this industry for over 21 years before online social media, before blogs, websites and ebay, when artists/authors had to write letters to professionals via word processors or type writers, recognition came through mailers, print publication and shows. On the climb to social media explosion, I took advantage of the technology and joined every start up web company which promoted works such as Flickr, My Space, Blogger and Ebay, setting up groups within these sites to promote other artists and creating magazines to help them get noticed, today my own recognition has come from my presence in the industry and the technological advances I took advantage of all these years.

After reading this book, I became re-acquainted with my own works, and began to self critique myself, to see where I was lagging, where I was excelling and how I could fix my own business issues. I'm at a new level in my own career with the advancement of product lines and new books, which are taking me on new adventures.

To conclude, I'd recommend this book for all levels as a guide, a reference and a refresher on how to advance in your field, narrow in on your signature style, how to promote it and excel with it.


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