Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Relic Photography Project, Plaques of New Orleans

I used to always have my camera with me wherever I go, now I only bring my Iphone 5 which has a better camera then my digital cannon or Olympus camera, the colors are more detailed and vivid, then the cameras I used to bring with me everywhere. Now I point and click with the Iphone 5. I recently was on a trip to New Orleans for 10 days and became so inspired by every thing down to the smallest of details which made up the whole city. I took so many pictures that I started to run out of GB on phone camera memory, there was just so mcuh to consume and take photos of. I found bringing the city to life would be task, overall views couldn't really bring it to life, but the details could, the relics and found architecture hidden in the city would really help you to see the magic that I could see while I was there. Since I am in love with so many themes and color palettes, filtering these photos was a tough job, fun, but tough, as I loved the black and white look, the sepia, soft focus pastel and vibrant detailed color, each one was beautiful and gave a different effect to the photos. For this project I decided on black and white coloring, since it was for Dave's birthday, the black and white coloring gave a more masculine and professional feel. I choose specific photos which symbolized how we felt about New Orleans and the magic we found there, the result these photos: 
  •   -Carousel details from the Carousel Bar 
  • -Mardi Gras parade float icon from Mardi Gras World
  •  -Typical French Quarter Architecture 
  •  -Court of the Three Sisters, Bourbon Street -Nola Trolley Service
  •  -Catholic Church, St.Louis Cathedral  
Each of these photos were taken from my Iphone 5 and enhanced with filters using Snapseed on the Iphone, the final resolution for each was over 5 megapixels, which were perfect for printing in 8 by 10 inch size with complete clarity. I used a medium weight paper to print them on from my HP ink jet printer, black plaques, foam brush and modge podge. Below is the exact supply list and directions to make your own.
  •  Supplies: 
  • -Ink jet or laser jet photo (a photo from your most memorable place) 
  • -8 inch by 10 inch black plaque (Michael's Craft Store)
  •  -Mod Podge,By Plaid 
  • -Foam brush 
  • -Rolling pin 
-Heavy books
  1.  1. Print your photo or have printed at your local print store to an 8 by 10 size, cut out, set aside.
  2.  2. Spread Mod Podge onto a 8 by 10 plaque using foam brush. 
  3.  3. Lay cut photo onto the plaque making sure its lined up with the edges, and the hanging portion on the back of the plaque is at the top, not bottom, so that you can hang it on the wall. Then press down, use a rolling pin to roll out any bubbles, lay a stack of books onto it until dried flat. Relic Photo Project 
  4.  Tips/Tricks:
  5.  -For an even faster, less mess version, use spray adhesive in place of the Mod Podge, roll flat, let dry. 
  6. -Paint your plaques in various colors, mix and match with colorful imagery from your travels or most memorable experiences.
  7. -Follow this technique and apply small instagram sized photos to wood blocks and scraps. Relic Photo Project

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Incipient Wings said...

This looks awesome... They look so professional Lisa:)
You use your iPhone?????
I know you're super busy, but there's going to be a New Orleans style Halloween party soon if you're interested!
It's up on my blog if you'd like to check it out.