Friday, March 30, 2012

Up-Cycled Magic!
Up-Cycled Frou Frou Cabinet!I restored this old cabinet, it was originally an ugly black and gray piece. I painted it with left over paints from Lowe's: coconut white and a light salmon pink. I choose to paint the inside the coconut white.

The top right corner was missing a ledge corner, the center was missing 2 medallions and had no knobs.

I molded the left corner edge of the piece, then poured with plaster, and attached to the right corner using wood putty and a few layers of spackle, once dried I sanded it!

Next I made another mold of the 2 medallions, poured it w/plaster and attached to the center doors with clear caulk, then I sanded some parts of the whole piece to show the original black paint that was underneath.

I went to Lowe's and grabbed 2 crystal cabinet knobs, then attached them to the top drawer of the cabinet and to the center door. Now it plays host to my jewelry boxes and jeweled treasures.
Up-Cycled Frou Frou Cabinet! 2
Up-Cycled Frou Frou Cabinet! 3This is actually a simple project you can finish in a weeked with in-expensive materials. I bought the cabinet for $5 because it was damaged. The paint was $3 a can since it was left over paint, the knobs were $2 each, the mold compound was $10 with a coupon, the plaster of paris was $3, Spackle, wood putty and clear caulk were left overs from another project, total for finished fabulous chic piece: $25 including the tax for everything!
Up-Cycled Frou Frou Cabinet! 4Up-Cycled Frou Frou Cabinet! 5Up-Cycled Frou Frou Cabinet! 6Up-Cycled Frou Frou Cabinet! 7
This is a project you can do to old bathroom or kitchen cabinets, visit a dumpster, local junk/salvage yard, surplus store, thrift store, rummage/garage sale, etc. for furniture to re-do!

Happy Weekend!


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That's bodacious!

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Loves it! It's really gorgeous :)

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