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Baseball Season Means Baseball Cuffs!
Custom Baseball Cuffs Chic! 3
This is prime time season for me and the baseball cuffs aka B-Cuffs, I have been making these cuffs for years and for many team moms, wives, girlfriends and pals, from MLB friends to Little League friends, and Fans, my cuffs can be made customized to your team colors, team balls or personal balls from a family member.

All the baseballs I have in stock range from practice balls, MLB balls, used, grungy, vintage and new. Some are pink, some are hand dyed, some are team specified, designs and artwork, depends on the balls I have in stock at the time of order.The Original B-Cuff, Baseball Cuffs! 3More Custom B-Cuffs! 29Custom Baseball Cuffs! 5Also note that I over several basic styles to make your decision easier, the Basic B-Cuff Style which is a basic baseball w/cream stitching, light color lining, a rhinestone Q for Queen of the Outfield, mini pearl border and additional crystals, this is the one main style for choosing.

The next style is the Shabby and Chic pastel cuffs, the next is grunge/vintage, another is basic stitching, no rhinestones or bling, team geared ones and some more options such as rock star edgy cuffs, artwork transfers, etc.

In addition to the baseball cuffs, its also tennis season too, so the tennis cuffs start coming in now as well, occasionally we have colored tennis balls in stock and can dye them as well.More Custom B-Cuffs! 26Here's an example of vintage and grunge baseballs one w/Texas AM on the cuff, the other basic red Q!New B-Cuff Orders! 4More Custom B-Cuffs! 13New Cuff Orders! 8All my cuffs come with a hand stitched label: LK meaning Lisa Kettell Designs, so you know its authentic and a certificate of Authenticity is emailed to each customer who purchases a cuff! More Custom B-Cuffs! 21More Custom B-Cuffs! 22These cuffs are Yankee themed colors and one is a hand stitched logo!Custom Yankee Baseball Cuff!Baseball Cuff: Custom Order for Jean! 2Baseball Cuff: Custom Order for Jean! 3Now many of my customers down south and especially Texas, love the bling and frou frou cuffs such as these, which I call Glamour Cuff B Style:Custom Jeweled B-Cuffs! 3Baseball Cuff Order: Janine!Baseball Cuff Order: Janine! 5For some New Orleans Fans: Custom Baseball Cuff: NikkiBaseball Cuff Order: Lina!
Don't forget fave numbers and grunge:Baseball Cuff Order: Becky D.Shabby Sweet Boston Red Socks:
Baseball Cuffs w/Initials!Baseball Cuffs w/Initials! 2and sweet shoppe color:Custom Baseball Cuff for Mae!Custom Baseball Cuff for Mae!Custom B Cuff for Mae and Tina! 2There are so many styles and ideas for you to choose, the possibilities are endless.

In the next few months the cuffs are getting another style added, contour cuff style, which bends the cuff to your wrist, this is going to be an option I recommend soon, as to not worry about size and measurements of your cuff with the clasps and jump rings. Like the baseballs the clasps all depend on what is in stock, we have some hook clasps, toggle clasps, lobster clasps, magnetic, flip over, etc. and they aren't always in stock, so please keep that in mind when ordering.

All cuffs are handmade and authentic, the cuffs and their project have been published over 50 times in the past several years, since then other versions have popped up over the web, please remember when purchasing my cuffs these are the original to my idea and there for like I mentioned earlier receive certificates of authenticity!

Also let's not forget the Tennis Cuffs, they are equally as stunning and perfect for your fave tennis star friend or yourself!Tennis Cuffs! 2 Hope you enjoyed these variations of the cuffs, I look forward to your ideas and orders for your cuffs, any questions please ask!

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Also note if you are interested in carrying the cuffs in your store, please contact me about discounted pricing and minimums!

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