Monday, March 26, 2012

Opening Day, Its Coming!
Chic Baseball Cuffs! 9
My favorite time of year, Baseball Season, Opening day for every team is beginning any day now, so get your fave team gear together, cuffs and a cheer, because Baseball Season is here...

This time of year also brings an influx of baseball Cuff aka B-Cuff orders in, all the ladies waiting to wear them to opening day games, from team fans, team wives, league ladies, celebs, you name it, everyone has their idea of what they want on their cuffs.
Chic Baseball Cuffs! 8
By Mid Summer I will have these cuffs re-produced on a much larger scale, currently I gut, cut, stitch, adhere, and jewel each and every cuff that I make down to the wrapping, the packing, the shipping and the certificates of authenticity, all done by me.
B-Cuff No.2, 3B-Cuff No.2B-Cuff No.28
So once these B-Cuffs are done for me, I can concentrate on designing more things. They can still be customized by colors and teams as well and originals like I do now will still be available. I'll release 5 styles to start and add on every few months.
Lindsay's Baseball Cuff! 2Lisa's Baseball Cuff! 3
The cuffs in this post are some MLB cuffs for my MLB clients, and 2 Celeb cuffs as well, they will all be wearing theirs to their fave games and supporting their teams. I still wear mine to every Yankee Game I go to, its now considered one of my lucky talismans, lol..
B-Cuff No.39, Orioles 7B-Cuff No.39, Orioles
Kim's Frou Frou Baseball Cuff! 4Kim's Frou Frou Baseball Cuff! 5
Whose your fave team? Your fave player? What colors do you like?


Fave Team: NY Yankees
2nd Fave Team: Baltimore Orioles

Fave Players: Lou Gehrig, Derek Jeter

Fave Colors: Pink, Aqua, Black

Let's all toast to a good Baseball season, wish all players a good game, safety and fun!
Happy Opening Day,

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Incipient Wings said...

these are so beautiful...
love the super feminine look to them.looks like the combinations are endless, love them!!!!
you rock!!!