Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Costumes and Dress Up Fun, Now at Piddlestixs!
Piddlestixs Costumes! 9At Piddlestixs we try to get the cutest, rarest and most enchanted items into the store, our latest obsession is collecting costumes from vintage to new, handmade to up-cycled, if its cute and unusual then we want it for the store.Piddlestixs Costumes! 7Piddlestixs Costumes! 6For those of our readers online who can't get to Piddlestixs due to location or distance, we are trying to upload a lot of our inventory to our online sites:
So that everyone has a chance to visit and shop at Piddlestixs, which also houses our line of exclusive products including our tea, coffee, cocoa and candy lines, the Lisa Kettell Designs Line and Aurora-tique line.
Piddlestixs Costumes! 5Piddlestixs Costumes! 4Piddlestixs Costumes! 11Piddlestixs Costumes! 14We will be adding more costumes to the online store this week, check back often as we add to our store every day and every night!

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