Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ranger Ink, Crazy Quilt Video and CHA Melt Art Project!
Before I begin blogging my 9 post CHA adventure which involves so many exciting things, I want to start with Ranger Ink.
Crazy Quilt Project 1
A few months ago I created a project called:
"Crazy Quilt Heart"
I made this using: Claudine Hellmuth Studio Sticky-Back Canvas, Studio Paints, and other Ranger Ink Supplies. Then I headed down to Ranger, we filmed the project and as of a few days ago its available for you to see and follow on both the Ranger Site at: www.rangerink.com
or see the video below on You Tube:

Me Filming at Ranger! 2Crazy Quilt Project 2Crazy Quilt Project 3
This project has a variety of possibilities:
Some extra tips/tricks:
-Try Making sticky back canvas silhouettes, I have a I made before I left for CHA, I will uploads photos of them soon.
-Make a Sticky Back Quilt Hanging: By attaching two pieces of sticky back canvas to a wooden dowel, wire wrap the ends, decorate and voila a fab artful canvas quilt.
-Sticky Back Canvas Decorative Pillows
-Sticky Back Canvas Dolls: (I'll have photos of these up soon as well, I made these using my Galerie Des Modes Images and Sticky Back Canvas)
Ranger Melt Art Challenge:Lulu's Carnival! 14
While creating this project I began creating pieces for the Ranger Melt Art Challenge Board at CHA, using wood,and melt art projects. Well anyone who knows me, knows I couldn't resist a Carnival/Circus Theme, mixed with Dolls, lol.
Ranger Melt Art Challenge:Lulu's Carnival! 2Ranger Melt Art Challenge:Lulu's Carnival! 11Ranger Melt Art Challenge:Lulu's Carnival! 8Ranger Melt Art Challenge:Lulu's Carnival! 9Ranger Melt Art Challenge:Lulu's Carnival! 6Ranger Melt Art Challenge:Lulu's Carnival! 5
For this challenge I decided to use my handmolded doll molds, filled w/beeswax, painted and beeswaxed again. I created utee glitter, beeswax critters, coated paper wire, and painted paper, plus sticky back canvas all with Suze's Beeswax, adding glitz with stickles and more Ranger glam.
Ranger: My Melt Art Project! 2
I call this project: "Lulu's Carnival!" Looking at all the other projects, a few others decided on a Circus Theme: Tim Holtz, Debbie Tlach, Michelle Bernard.
Ranger: Tim's Project!Ranger: Debbie's!Ranger: Michelle's!
Did you see these other Melt Art Masterpieces From Miss Suze, I love love love hers, Miss Patti, how cool is hers, Carmi's don't you just love it? Claudine's another Masterpiece. There were so many beautiful pieces, visit my flickr site (link at end of this post) to see the other beautiful artist projects for this challenge!
Ranger: Mine and Other Projects! 2Ranger: Suze's!Ranger: Claudine's!Ranger: Carmi's!Day 3: At Ranger Patti's Project!

Here is the other project I made: Kewpie's Magic!
He is gracing the project walls at Ranger, Lulu will join him shortly!
Ranger Melt Art Challenge:Kewpie's Magic! 9Ranger Melt Art Challenge:Kewpie's Magic! 2Ranger Melt Art Challenge:Kewpie's Magic! 3Ranger Melt Art Challenge:Kewpie's Magic! 4

I hope you enjoy this video and start creating some fabulous canvas art.

To See All the Photos from this post visit:

See the blogs of the other Challenge Artists and Ranger at:


pamelahuntington said...

What a wonderful post...you have
really been busy and doing the
most wonderful things..

LuLu Kellogg said...

Lisa, I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you have created. just full of sparkle and magic :)

LuLu Kellogg

Elaine A said...

Lisa -

Masterpieces again! Love everything, the Ranger UTEE Challenge, really love the video. You always have such fun things! Thank you!

Elaine Allen

Suze said...

Your enthusiasm is totally catching...great post! So listen...I sent U an email a few days ago...did ya get it? Check.

Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Lisa!
It was so great to see you at CHA and French General! You are my favorite "princess!" haha Your mom is just so lovely. See you later this year!

Sabii Wabii said...

I love that I can now recognize so many faces! I am so going next year. this year I finally got down to the Rose Parade. I had wanted to do that for years. Next year CHA too!....and I'll see you there!