Saturday, February 06, 2010

CHA 2010, Highlights, Day 1!
CHA Day 1 on, Convention Hall! 6
Hello All,
Many of you are aware that I flew out to Anaheim, California for the Craft and Hobby Association referred to as "CHA", for book signings, make/takes and more!

The magic began right from the start as I walked through the doors of the beautiful convention center, although slightly cloudy and chilly, once the doors opened the warmth of art surrounded me, and the magic of Carmi Cimicata too. I was so excited Carmi and I finally met, she is a true inspiration, everything she touches is beautiful and when you meet her you'll see why, Carmi is a true soul and an amazing artist, go check out her wonderful blog at:
CHA Day 1, Me and Carmi!
CHA Day 1, Me and Amy! 2CHA Day 1, Me and Laura!CHA Day 1, Mom and Laura!CHA Day 1, Laura Kelly!We started at Plaid's Booth and met with the amazing Laura Kelly whose artwork graces many Plaid products and others, along with Amy Anderson, these girls rock. Amy chatted with us for awhile, while Laura drew us our own personalized illustrations in a few minutes, I will cherish it for ever. My Mom loved hers so much that she has already framed it and placed on her wall. I'm re-doing the studio, so once ready, I'll frame mine and jazz up my walls there too.
Visit Plaid at:
Plaid Kids Crafts:
Amy's Blog:
antiquing cha and more 2010 152Mom, Carol and Mary!Mom and Carol!Then we whisked on over to Carol Duvall and Mary Oneil, Carol was signing some book, while Mary and I chatted away about everything from art to other fun stuff. Kelly, Carol's producer was on hand as well, she is amazing too, this group of woman just blow you away with their talent, warmth and the magic they have.

To learn how you can discuss a fave episode, your fave Carol projects and guest stars, or just share your support to bring Carol back on the air contact Carol and Kelly via e-mail to:
Mom, Me and Dee!
On the way over to visit the girls at Craft-Critique, Mom and I ran over to visit Dee Gruening, both her and her husband are so nice. Dee like Carol is an icon in our industry.
Craft-Tique Divas!
crafty goodness with craft critique2
After the fun here, we went on by Craft-Critique to have some more fun with girls. Each of them are amazing, I love what they do and what Craft-Critique stands for, visit their site at:
You will be happy you did. They have lots of great things happening such as Crafty Con 2010 held Oct. 21-23, 2010 in Chicago, IL visit the main site for crafty con at: Hope to see you there... More posts on this exciting event to come.aleenes tacky glue starsMe and Aleene!After our party fun some of us headed over to visit Aleene aka Aleene's Tacky Glue, she was signing small bottles of her glue, so you knew we had to get some, so Sarah, Donna, Mom and Me, walked on over to get our glue signed, so glad we did, Aleene has got to be one of the nicest woman, and a legend like Carol Duvall in our industry. After our session with Aleene, I departed to head on over to the Tiffany Windsor's Pajama Party Live where I was helping out, I was assigned to my new extended families booth: Beacon Adhesives, and we all live in NJ, how great is that. At the Pajama Party I met Helen from Blumenthal Buttons, and finally Julianna Hudgins and I get to meet outside of online, lol, another NJ girl, these woman are amazing.Me and Julianna! Pajama PartyPajama Party with Helen
I also met up with my friends: Shea and Debbi, who were also helping out at the party:
Debbi and Shea!
Pajama Party Mob!Pajama Party: Me and Mike!
At Beacon we rocked the party with a cool covered book make and take using my favorite zip and dry glue, this stuff is wrinkle free and won't indent your paper projects, I love it, this saves me from rolling down my paper with a rolling pin or brayer, or stacking books on top, love that instant gratification and you will too.Pajama Party: Beacon Adhesive Table!Pajama Party at Beacon Table! 2This project was one of my favorites, the papers, the flowers, everything I love all in one piece. Here are some highlights of the project and the make/take at the Pajama Party. Pajama Party at Beacon Table! 10Pajama Party at Beacon Table! 9

Mike Assile, Hala Assile are who I worked with at the table, later on I would meet the AMAZING Karen, who I just adore. These three people have become my extended family and I adore them all,, and you will too.

Then to make the night even better my other family: Debby, Jackie and Patti came by to visit with Mom and Me:
Debby, Jackie, Mom and Patti!Me, Debby, Jackie and Patti!
Afterwards we all headed for much needed dinner and some time to relax, until the next day begins. Stay tuned for some more Beacon highlights from CHA and projects as well. Did I mention they sponsored the glue for my make and take? That post coming soon.

P.S. My Fave photos of the night, LOL:
Helen's Rollers!Pajama Party Mob Slippers

Magic and Artful Joy,

To see the complete set of cha photos over 600 in the set, visit:


LuLu Kellogg said...

It looks like this was so much fun and how wonderful you got to meet all those talented women!

I want to know more about the glue...that sounds like something I definitely need!


faerie enchantment said...

LuLu, you will love this glue, I'll be blogging about it in the next few days!

Carmi said...

You are so sweet to add me to your long list of friends! Thank you!
BTW. Your Mom can't take a bad photo! Perfect every time!