Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Polly's Starring in the Moonlight Ballet and her date: Cupie of Love!"
Cupie of Love! 4As many of you know I am a lover of dolls and all things fantasy, that also includes vintage carnival dolls and cupies/kewpies! For years I have been creating around these themes through my stories, illustrations, collage art and dolls.Cupie of Love! 5My passion for creating dolls has lead me on a journey into the world of papier mache. I have experimented w/papier mache, striving to find that perfect blend which could resemble the look of chalkware. On a trip to the San Francisco Area last year I bought a vintage chalkware bunny, when I came home I placed my bunny onto a cute cake stand in my studio, this bunny has inspired me ever since.Polly's Moonlight Ballet! 2As I made my charlotte dolls and doll parts I would experiment with different clay mixtures, some are perfect for one thing and not the other. I've developed a clay paint mixture perfect for 3Dimentional details and texture (This article can be found in the November/December Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine). As I played with papier mache I found myself un-satisfied, I wasn't comfortable with the mixes I was making until a few weeks ago, by accident aka the serendipity method, I stumbled upon the perfect clay. This clay is a combo of papier mache and a chalkware feel when dried, hence my new feel good discovery within my art.Polly'sMoonlight Ballet! 3Polly's Moonlight Ballet!From this I have re-molded some pieces and bought vintage tin molds, trying to re-capure that storybook vintage look, these following dolls are the result of that.

Each doll has a 4 day and multi step process:
1.The clay is made for each batch, cured/dried on each side.
2.Next they are baked for several hours, cooled, and sanded.
3.Now they get coated, painted and aged
4.Finally they are embellished with vintage millinery, handmade hats/clothes, crushed sugar glitter and more.

All my dolls come signed by me, and will be numbered in a collection, until I retire their style.
Polly's Moonlight Ballet! 5Polly's Moonlight Ballet! 6
Polly's Moonlight Ballet is the story about a cupie girl named Polly is has been chosen to be a Moonfairy in the Moonlight Ballet which will be held at the Starlight Garden Theater located at Petalwood Square. Polly will dance, sing and fly to a symphony of enchanted melodies, half way through the performance Polly is startled by a glittering sugar arrow which was sprung from the arrow of Poe, The Cupie of Love. By the end Polly and Poe fall in love, but I recommend the ballet to all....
Cupie of Love!
To purchase these dolls visit my Etsy Store, to order custom dolls contact me!
Hope you have enjoyed the magic,


chinamommy said...

Oh Lisa... they are SO cute!! Don't you love happy "mistakes"? always love your creations :)

Elaine A said...

Lisa -

These are the sweetest couple. I am sure they will live happily ever after!

Elaine Allen

LucysDaughter said...

...ya done good, girl!
Happy Accidents are the best:)
xoxo lolo

faerie enchantment said...

LOL, I just love that old fashioned look of the vintage fairytale and storybook characters from long ago, some timeless and whimsical!

Sending You All Magic and Joy!

Ann said...

Lisa, they are just darling! You really have captured the chalkware feel. I do love this sweet couple.