Monday, February 08, 2010

Art Opera Blog Party Event: Week Long Celebration of Art Opera Fun, Info and Giveaways!

Art Opera Giveaway and Free Collage Sheet for all who participate!
Welcome to the first annual Art Opera Giveaway!For this giveaway, I have decided to give away 7 grandprizes, this gives Art Opera Attendees and Newbies a chance to win a class or extra class, plus winning a piece of artwork from me, plus I am including a free collage sheet in this post for every visitor to save to their computers and use in their works, that way no one leaves empty. Giveaway begins on Jan.31 at 1pm-Ends Feb. 21 at 1pm Eastern Standard time!Art Opera, which will be held April 7-11, 2010in Red Bank, NJ at The Oyster Point Hotel for the main event/workshops, dinner, etc. and St. Anthony' s Hall for the Vendor Soiree!

If you are not aware of the event here is a brief intro:-Art Opera, Red Bank, NJ-located 45 minutes from Newark Airport w/ direct travel to Red Bank, Less then an Hour from NYC, 1.5 to 2 hours from CT, PA, 3-4 hours from MD, DC and 5 hrs from VA, etc.

-Full registrations includes: Huge Goodie Bags from Industry sponsors, orientation dinner w/4 course meal, dessert bar, refreshments, guest speakers, group projects, a fantasy ambiance, overlooking the navesink river, 4 workshops, vendor soiree tickets, breakfast, lunch, prizes, and lobby make/takes in between classes, party toast at antique center, book signings, demos and more.
All workshops over look the Navesink River, perfect for inspiration and serenity.-Ala Cart includes 1 workshop of choice, breakfast or lunch, vendor soiree ticket, giveaway ticket, make/takes, demos and more.


-Ruth Rae, Traci Bautista, Suze Weinberg, Jenny Heid/Aaron-Every Days a Holiday, AnnDenise Anderson, Pamela Huntington, Terri Ventura-Dimestore Daze, Jenny Hernandez-Polka Dot Pixie, Heidi Wallingford-Birds of a Feather, Joan Kettell, Kecia Deveney-Lemoncholys, Linda Hahola, and Me-Lisa Kettell
Visit the Art Opera Website for details and to join the mailing list/newsletter, sign guest book, updates and more
Visit the Art Opera Yahoo Group to connect with attendees, instructors, sponsors, vendors, join swaps and to have fun. Click to join artopera

Click to join artopera

Without Further Ado, Here are the Giveaways:
Art Opera Advertising Banner!
1. One Grand prize winner will receive a free alacart class pack Valued at $125, winner can choose which workshop they want!
2. One Grand prize winner will receive a free alacart class pack Valued at $125, with Me-Lisa Kettell, Any one of the two classes I'm teaching
3. One Grand prize winner will receive a free alacart class packValued at $125, with Joan Kettell, Any one of the classes she is teaching
4. One Grand prize winner will receive a free alacart class packValued at $125, with Ann-Denise Anderson, Any one of the classes she is teaching.
5. One Grand prize winner will receive a huge doll part pack from my Store filled w/many of my best selling doll parts valued at: $75.00

6. One Grand Prize winner will receive a a Kewpie Doll Part and 3 Mini Kewpies valued at $15.00
Kewpie Mermaid Doll Parts!
7.One Grand Prize winner will receive a Marie Antoinette Fashion Plate Collage CD filled w/Galerie Des Modes and more, images, valued: $15.00New Marie CD: Fashion Plates Only!

8. One Grand Prize winner will receive to tickets to the Vendor Faire at Art Opera retail value: $16.00 for the 2

I hope that the Art Opera Giveaways will put a smile on your face, just as much as they put a smile on my to giveaway. All you need to do is leave a comment under this post, and tell me which ones you want to win or if you want to win any of them.

Art Opera Collage Sheet!
Good Luck to All who enter and enjoy the free collage sheet!
Magic, Blessings and Joy!Lisa!


Grace said...

Thanks for the collage sheet! Just printed it out. This event is going to rock can't wait! Hugs Grace

Crafty Gal Linda said...

The collage sheet is awesome! Thanks. I would love a chance to win any one of your goodies you are giving away. I am only scheduled to take one class on April 9th so if I won a class I think I could handle it! :)

Julie Ann said...

What an awesome giveaway!! I'd love to win any of the prizes! :) Thank you so much for the free collage sheet, too! You're such a sweetheart!

Cassandra said...

How sweet of you to do such a wonderful giveaway! Your event looks so SUPER fun! I wish I could attend :( maybe next time.

xox Cassandra

Lola Enchanted said...

WoWza wat a giveaway

Anonymous said...


jonaks said...

this looks like a great event to attend. now, I wish I live in your country. that is such a cute kewpie. would love to win if you do international.

oh and thanks for the collage sheet. I will surely be back on your blog. loved reading your blog!

Birds of a Feather said...
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Birds of a Feather said...

Hi Lisa -

My friend can't figure out how to leave a comment to enter the giveaways, so I'm letting you know!
Her name is Janet and her e-mail is -

xo Heidi

JBC said...

looking forward to Art Opera!
Can not wait for a weekend of creativety. So many talented artist and one is my dear dear friend!!

Anonymous said...


memsahib said...

Thanks for bringing Art Opera to Red Bank, this will cement its reputation as the hippest town in NJ!

Susan said...

Thanks for the collage sheet,I would love to take Suze's class on wax,your class on clay painting,or your mom's class :)

The CD would be nice also


apinkdreamer said...

hi! i'm eleni from greece! your blog is fantastic! i'm a friend also on face book! please visit my blog whenever you can
thank you!
i'm a follower of your blog !

SherryRoseBella said...

Cant wait to see you at the amazing event, Lisa!