Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Marionette Theater Workshop, It Finished the Candyland Theater!
Doll Marionette Theatre! 17Here are some previews of the finished Marionette Theater for my workshop at Zne Covenzione in California I call: Candyland Theater. My students will receive many of the doll parts needed to complete this project.
Doll Marionette Theatre! 16
The only thing my students have to bring is a shoe box, we all have shoe boxes for our shoes right? I'll have a few extras on hand, not many, but some.
Doll Marionette Theatre! 27
This piece is a normal sized shoe box, well I have big feet 9 1/2 lol, so its normal sized to me, then its completely transformed into a theater with movable parts and Marionette, the possibilities are endless and its a wonderful Green project using what you have around the house, in this case recycling a shoe box.Doll Marionette Theatre! 28Doll Marionette Theatre! 22I used loads of my hand molded embellishments such as my doll heads, and faux candies, sprinkled in sugary style glitters. Doll Marionette Theatre! 20Here is the back of the box, made with a sign template and homemade chipboard letters sprinkled with glitter.Doll Marionette Theatre! 25Here is Miss Nellie, ready to perform, along side of Plumette, her first performance at the Candyland Theater!Doll Marionette Theatre! 24Come Join Nellie, Plumette and Me at the Candyland Theater!
Magic, Enchantment and Joy!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


I wanna make one!!!!

Deborah said...

I so seriously could just eat that.
**blows kisses** Deborah

faerie enchantment said...

LOL! I'm glad it was Easter and I got Jelly Beans, because when you work with sweet supplies, it can make you snack, LOL!. Cherry anything is my fave!

JillzWhimzy said...

Lisa, Great work as usual! Thanks for visiting my blog & signing up for RAK I think it's such a great thing! Don't forget to e-mail me your addy so that I can send you your goodie :0) See you soon at Convenzione!

Elaine A said...

Lisa -
This is just beautiful, so ethereal. And it looks delicious - lol!!!

Elaine Allen