Monday, April 13, 2009

Sweet Supplies for Marionette Theater Workshop at Zne Convenzione!Sweet Supplies For Theater Workshop! 7

I have been shopping and making doll parts and pieces for the my workshop at Zne Convenzione, where my student attendees will receive a variety of goodies to play with including a gift pack of my handpainted doll pieces. Sweet Supplies For Theater Workshop! 6Sweet Supplies For Theater Workshop! 5In this picture you can see some of the ribbons, the doll parts: Yes Miss Sugar, the Queen of Candyland is missing her arms, that's because she is a Marionette and will have them attached during class, other parts will include a doll head/body where you will attach arms and legs so she can move, like well....a marionette puppet. There will be some cool Bohemian ribbon and trims, felt trims, pre made cupcakes, paper clay vintage style frames, dollie and vintage images.Sweet Supplies For Theater Workshop! 4 The student will also learn how to construct a sweet faux cake, cupcake, or candy tree, the main base for the marionette to dance upon. Sweet Supplies For Theater Workshop! 2There will also be Sugary Sweet Colored Glitters, Martha Stewart glitters, Ranger's Stickles, Cupcake Chic Acrylic Paints, Claudine's Studio Paints and Mediums, Chalk Board Paints, Vintage style wrapping, scrap and wallpapers, sheet music and lots more.

All students are to bring an old shoe box, that is the base for these theaters.Sweet Supplies For Theater Workshop!Play with a variety of ribbons, and learn a variety of paper building, altered, collaged, pierced, illustrative, sculpting and assemblage techniques, and leave creating a whole new world of magic of your own.

Zne Convenzione April 29-May 3,2009, in Pleasanton, California April 29-May 3, 2009 at Zne Convenzione.

Sign up now for this class at:
This class is on Thursday 4/30/09 from 10am-5pm, $25.00

Sign up now for the The Fairytale Boat Assemblage Class:
This class is on Friday 5/1/09 from 10am-5pm, $25.00

For class samples of The Fairytale Boat Assemblage Class visit my Flickr photostream at:

If you want to go to the Zne Convenzione but are having difficulty paying please click on this link entitled: Pay What You Can and learn more!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I am so disappointed that I live on the opposite side of the continent! This sounds like one awesome class!

...and all the little supplies to use are fab!

Zan Asha said...

Oooh, this looks yummy! :) Ahh, now if only I could steal myself away for this event!

sara said...

that fauxcake looks yummy and so sweet!

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks everyone, I'm putting the new pictures of the almost done marionette and theater tonight!