Sunday, April 26, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat, How I Wonder Where You're At!Wonderland City!I am a total Alice in Wonderland Lover, its most definately my favorite Children's book, from the unusual characters and story plot to the poems and the various illustrations from a plethora of artists.

I love the setting of the Mad Tea Party, and the magical setting, the tea cups and treats, the Queen of Hearts, Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee, Humpty Dumpty's role and the Flamingo's, I love it all. My Aunt Noel actually gave this book to my mom for me just before I was born, she said I would love it when I could understand it, she was so right.The Queen of Heart! I have created some versions of this Lewis Carroll Classic, through illustrations, digitally, zine form and novel form. The pictures in this post are two of my favorite digital images I made for the digital version which I used to have available as a zine before I converted to the new format with Lulu, and might reprint in its new style when I get back from California. Here is what the old Wonderland Chronicles Zine cover looked likeWonderland Zine Cover 2
Here's my story:
The Wonderland Chronicles, Wonderland City by Lisa Kettell!

Welcome to Wonderland City, This is the place you never saw or heard about in Lewis Carroll's Story: Alice In Wonderland.

On a recent discovery of an old chest, I found hidden chronicles which have started to un-covered the real story of Wonderland, a secret world filled with magic and loads of secrets!

Pictured here is a photo from The Wonderland Chronicles of The Real Queen Of Hearts, just outside her Croquet Field, in her private garden where she holds meetings over tea and scones.


Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

I, too, understand the love of this tale! It is funny how you meet people and they are totally the Mad Hatter, or the Queen, or especially, the Cheshire Cat! The world is a stage and we merely players. Blessings Lisa!

Deborah said...

Oh how I love them! Love your story too. One day I shall find time to learn a bit about this magical digital thing you do. OOO! Now there's something to look forward to. **blows kisses** Deborah

SarahD said...

I love these Lisa and Alice is so wonderful xx

Coastal Sisters said...

This is hands down my favorite book from when I was little. I have a bracelet on my website that I made called "Down The Rabbit Hole" that echoes my love of this story.

Hope your day is a lovely one!


faerie enchantment said...

Thank you all so much, maybe we can all come up with an alice in wonderland swap this summer...Magic and Joy to each of you!

Kaerie Faerie said...

Love the cover of the book, Alice in wonderland is one of my favorites, I have Rabbit in a court dress on my blog right now!
I've made several of the characters from Alice, and next year plan to have a Alice inspired tea party, stay tuned
Kaerie Faerie

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Very cool, Lisa! It was one of my favorite books growing up too!


pamelahuntington said...

Hi Lisa..
this is all so much fun