Monday, April 20, 2009

Going to Wildwest City, The City Running Wild!
After visiting the many tea parties in Mermaid Land on saturday, I had to run and stroll through the huge Rummage Sale hosted by Barks(a dog/animal group, with proceeds going to help our little furry friends), which was held at Wildwest City in Stanhope, NJ, about 15 minutes from my house.wildwest city 013Now if you aren't a rummager or have no patience to look, then these things aren't for you, quick glances do not cut it, you have to actually dig in and look, like a treasure hunter looking for gold. Now I must say I found the most amazing library card unit for $40, however I had no room for it, until I finish my studio, so I had to walk away from it, trust me, it wasn't easy, LOL!
wildwest city 008Now before I share with you my finds, Wildwest City used to be one of NJ's prized amusement theme parks resembling well, The Wild West, complete with a ghost town, crickety shoppes and train, like Frontier Land at Disney, it was so cool, at least I thought so. I had always loved the stories of the Wild West, as a child my gramps and I would watch the Old Western Movies, we still do today every so often, so of course I was going to like it there. So when I heard of the rummage sale, I had to go, A. To support Barks B. For the treasures C. To See Wild West City Again!wild west opera housewildwest city 002Well it was packed and filled with tables, tents and stations filled with goodies. I went into the one tent which had the higher priced stuff(like $1.00 and up, LOL)and I found a 1920's Staffishire Mother Goose Storybook Cocoa Mug, which matches the Mother Goose Figurine I bought in Omaha, I spent $3.00 on my Mug, Then I found to Vera the Mouse (Hallmark) Tins for 25 cents each, along with a Dutch Charlotte Style Doll Bell for $1.00, that's $4.50, then outside I headed for the tables, where you fill a box and they quote you a price on the way out. Here I am at the Holiday section of the sale!lisa at wildwestGlenny took the photo, by now he was probably bored, LOL!

Here I found a huge box and started to fill it up with vintage Halloween and holiday picks, vintage plastic deer, bunnies and animals, glittered deers, velvet/suede deers which are perfect for glittering, shine brite bulbs, wildwest city 040woolworth satin bulbs, bouillon wrapped bulbs,wildwest city 036 vintage beaded ornaments, millinery flowers, plastic millinery flowers, 1950's bunny characters, Kitchy stuff, tinsel, and ornaments.
wild west candy shoppe Here is the cute Candy Shoppe Store (not-opened off course) at Wild West City, which I snapped a picture off before heading over to the ceramic and kitchy kitchen stuff. Here I found a porcelain Marie Antoinette Style/Illustrated Candy container with ornate lid, Marie Antoinette tea tin,two illustrated tea plates, kitchy raggedy ann small wood block, a cermaic circus harlequin doll, small circus ornaments, 1950s cupcake accessories, a beige tackle box, and rootbeer glass pump bottle, rhinestone jewelry pieces and postcards in bag.

Here are some pictures of those beaded ornaments:wildwest city 035wildwest city 032wildwest city 033wildwest city 031I used to make beaded ornaments as a kid with the kits they used to have available....After leaving the cermaics area, I worked my way to the books finding another vintage Marie Antoinette book, its 500 pages,illustrated and devoted entirely to her from the 1920's, along with several vintage craft and paper books, music sheets, a 1950s Religious Illustrated Easter book and a children's book from the 1930s.

Want to guess how much I paid?.......................................for the books, the tackle box and the giant box of stuff?.............$12.00, yep $12.00 dollars plus my $4.50 at the tent...You could say I left extremely happy. Glenny rewarded me with my finds over luch at Belle's Mansion, they have a great bar pie and friendly/amazing staff.

Well I'm excited, hope you are too! FYI, my stuff is still half way boxed, I have to get this studio done asap so I know where everything is, LOL!


Elaine A said...

Hi Lisa -

So glad you had fun at the Wild West! Now me, I'd have to sneak everything in. My husband says I'm like a pack rat, I have a hard time throwing things out. You never know when it will be just perfect for a project. So I know, I'd have a hard time getting all the goodies into the house. Also, because I have to organize my studio. My son moved out to Arizona not quite 3 years ago and it took me over a year to even go into his room and not cry (he's an only child). Well, got over that stage, drew up plans for the layout of the room, measured everything, went to Ikea bought my tables, storage units, etc. Now I go in, look at all the stuff in the closet, things in boxes and bags and just get overwhelmed and walk out. Still determined to fix it though, cause I have so many things I've forgotten about. Like the other day I found about 6 or 8 of those little plastic spoons, you know, like what they give you ice cream taste samples with. I remember being at an ice cream place over a year ago and saying out loud to my husband, gee those spoons would be great to do some art with (and of course he just looks at me). But the guy behind the counter leaned over the counter and gave me a handful! How great was that! And of course I put them away and forgot I had them. See - really need to organize. I think if I went to a rummage sale, they'd be dragging my by my feet to get me out!!!

Elaine Allen

Bee Serendipitous said...
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Bee Serendipitous said...

Howdy Miss Lisa! sure do know how to bring back childhood memories for me...I went to the Wild West City when I was younger with my Mom, my Dziu (Polish for grandfather) and my brother Tom..actually in my first post of the Mermaid Tea Party all the pictures are of me and my brother when we were younger and the last picture is of Tom & I in our Cowboy hats riding the wagon at Wild West City - TOO funny. Thanks for the memories..all I can say is "Happy Trails to you until we meet again!" LOL Grace & Peace 2 "U" Marlene aka Calamity BEE :O)

Deborah said...

I am ever so envious...we have nothing like that out here in the real west...oh how I long to visit a good Farmer's Market. You definitely have the knack for rummaging. **blows kisses** Deborah

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

what terrific treasures you found!

we have NOTHING like that in CT...and I'm pea green with envy!

faerie enchantment said...

Well if Glenny wasn't with me, I probably would have bought more at those prices, lol. Like the Library shelf, I had to say, since I am not buying it now, a better one will come my way, positive thinking...However shopping by myself...I would have bought it, LOL!
I'm hitting 2 rummage sales this friday and saturday, but will be missing my fave one the weekend I'm in Cali, but it comes around again 3rd week of October...
I'll do a post soon on all rummage sales, sites, etc, located all over the place for you all to find and enjoy!

MaygreenFairies said...

Ohhhh Lisa hun the Library Rack sounded interesting!! But all your other goodies sound wonderful, how I would have loved to have rummaged with you! Mandy x

bluemuf said...

Wow...that would have been so much fun. I love rummaging through goodies at sales and flea markets.


tammy smith said...

hi Lisa-
I am LOVin those wild west pics! Such great visual research for me for some of my wild west show pieces so THANKS!
Looks like you've been busy too-can't wait to see your studio!

kecia said...

dang, how did i miss that? next year i want heads up to go there! just the fact that it was an old wild west fun city is good enough for me to check it out! love your finds.