Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Purple and Gold Art Challenge!
You can find inspiration everywhere and at any time. This past Easter Glenny surprised me with a bottle of one of my favorite perfume's ever: Alien by Thierry Mugler, no. 2 would be Rapture-Victoria Secret, Venezia by Laura Biagiotti, Gres' Perfumes such as Cabaret and Cabotine, I also love Sud Pacifique Perfumes too.


My art challenge to you is create something using only purples, golds and very little cream for glowing effects and perhaps some hints of blue or bits of black. But keep the main colors as purple!

It can be an atc, a doll, an illustration, the choice is yours. Visit the site above and experience the magic within, its filled with fabulous perfumes, collections, cosmetics, graphics and storytelling too.

Thierry Mugler is a French Company and also the creator of the famed Angel Perfume.
Here is the caption for this perfume from the site:
Do you believe in the extraordinary?
"Thierry Mugler tells the tale of a sun goddess, Alien, eternal, adorned in gold and light, spreading peace and magic with her lucky perfume. Alien radiates light from her golden temple, a place of happiness, inundated with a beneficial aura: a palace decorated with precious stones of various powers, irradiating fullness and positive energy."
Get your Magic Beans! 5 Cents!
Here is an atc I made called: Get Your Magic Beans using a violet purple as the main dress color and deep eggplant purple for the top hat, with hints of blues, blacks and creams for the rest of the atc. I actually took a pencil and drew around the dress, then colored in with prismacolor oil pencils and a bit of acrylic paints, did the same technique for the whole card, including the background and the checkered floor.

The Story of this ATC:
Ashley took a job this summer as The Magic Beans Box girl, after 2 days into it, she is frustrated, especially today, for Ashley will be missing out on the Mer-Tail contest and Sundae fest at the Beach. But what's more important saving up for a new Wimble Pix Stix with extra dust or a contest?

Here is another atc I made called: The Spider Wizard!
The Spider WizardThis atc was made using sturdy water color paper from Daler-Rowney Watercolor paper and inks, Strathmore Bristol board, Prismacolor oil pencils, drawing pencil, vintage images and lettering.

I inked the background of the water color paper using various blue and purple inks and water using a brush and brayer. I drew my spider image onto the bristol board with mechanical pencil, colored in with prismacolor pencils and more inks. I cut out and glued to inked watercolor paper. Then I double layered the vintage head image onto watercolor paper using modge podge, cut out and glued to top of the spider image. Now Finish with more vintage images, paper lettering, watercolor inked hat, distressing inks from Ranger Ink and glitters.

This ATC Story:
Meet Starla, the spider wizard from Peeksville, whose special talent is transformation. Starla can transform into anything at anytime. Today she has transformed into a spider, because she needed more hands to finish a detailed spell for an important client from SleepyWillow!

I will make a new piece with this challenge as well, can't wait to see what you come up with!

Magic and Joy!

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