Thursday, November 03, 2011

Up-Cycled Doll: Ginger's Wedding
Up-Cycled Doll: Ginger! 11

Up-Cycled Dolls
Here are the vintage dolls before they were repaired and dressed! These upcycled dolls are vintage from the 1950's, early 60's which needed some repair, clothes, decorating and magic!Up-Cycled Doll: Ginger! 2Up-Cycled Doll: Ginger!Here is the doll I named Ginger which I repaired and turned into a vintage upcycled wedding/bride doll, before her make over.Up-Cycled Doll: Ginger! 5Up-Cycled Doll: Ginger! 4Up-Cycled Doll: Ginger! 3Up-Cycled Doll: Ginger! 10Here is Ginger after her make over. I upcycled her by cleaning her up, fixing her hair, added embellishing to her dress, hand stitched vintage pearls, jewels and millinery to her. Up-Cycled Doll: Ginger! 9Up-Cycled Doll: Ginger! 7I poofed out her dress with lace, tulle and added appliques to her main dress base, here is her story: Ginger has always wanted to get married, dressing up in her mom's wedding dress and sisters soiree dresses as a young girl. Then one day she met her Prince and now its here day to get married!

Hope this inspires you to upcycle one of your vintage dolls!

Magic and Joy,



LBP said...

Ginger looks lovely. I am a Barbie rescuer. I can't help myself. If I see a poor naked Barbie at a yard sale, she must come home with me to get spruced up. I hang on to a few of them and give away the rest to any little girls who come my way..



faerie enchantment said...

LOL, I am the same way Linda, I see a discarded doll at a sale and she has to come home with me, I'm like the doll orphanage! lol


Enchanted said...

Hi Lisa!!
Ginger is sooo cute! Thanks for sharing!

I'm working on one (a fairy) right now for a future shadow box i am working on...I will share pix as I get each one finished!