Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Halloween ATC Book!

Here is a project I wanted to complete last Halloween and finally finished it the other day. Its an ATC Accordion book, a variation of a project from my book; Altered Art Circus, Quarry Books!This is a fun and easy project to create using your left over collage images, scrapbook papers and embellishments. In the book I chose a circus/carnival theme, for this one I chose a gothic, yet whimsical Halloween theme using some images from my book, which I photocopied, digital images I made, vintage images and re-made ones, adding bits of paper, recycled leather, vinyl and trims.
The base of the accordion book is made from 2 pieces of matte board (the stuff from frame shops) and sturdy cardstock, which was cut into a 3 1/2 by 2 1/2 strip, folded and sandwiched between the two pieces of matte board, then layered upon with more papers, images and embellishments, I added an additional cover using a hole puncher and jump rings.
I know Halloween has passed, but there is something so magical and Harry Potter like of this holiday, that I can't stop creating around it or incorporating some of its mystery into my other works, mixing it into my next fave season, Christmas!

Try following this project and creating a holiday atc book, a wonderland atc book, or a santa's workshop atc book, so many possibilities out there to explore, a fun project to also do with your children or friends.picnikfile_zO44yI

For instructions on how to make this and collage images, visit the ATC chapter inside my book: Altered Art Circus, Quarry Books. Visit my flickr for additional collage images inside my free vintage images folder.

Any questions, please let me know,
Magic and Joy,

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Incipient Wings said...

I love this I love this I love this!!!!!!!!
wow its awesome!
Halloween should last at least 3 months, lol
have a good day.