Saturday, November 05, 2011

Cupcake Liner Dolls!
Cupcake Liner Dolls!
Cupcake Liner Dolls!

Here is a perfect sugar craft recycled project for a rainy or snowy day at home!

All you need is cupcake liners, a photo copy of one of my fashion plate images, millinery, trims, glitter, crepe paper and glue.

Turn into ornaments, dolls, garland and more!
Cupcake Liner Dolls! 2
-Various cupcake liners in colors of choice
-Chip board or sturdy card stock
-Photo copy of Marie Fashion Plate image (found in my flickr site)
-Crepe paper or crepe paper streamers
-Bamboo stick (wood cooking skewers)
-Trims, ribbon
-Various millinery
-Zip dry and glitter it, Beacon Adhesives
-Hot glue gun, hot gun
Cupcake Liner Dolls! 7Cupcake Liner Dolls! 10
1. Pierce holes into the center of the cupcake liner using bamboo stick, thread the bamboo stick with the liners, layering each one on top of each other, leaving a little space, hot glue in place.
2. After you are satisfied with the skirt height , cut the access bamboo stick, leaving 2 inches sticking out of the top liner.
3. Download fashion plate image, shrink to desired size, print, cut out and glue ontop of chipboard using zip dry, cut out and place on the top of the cupcake liner, hot glue to the 2 inch left over bamboo stick using hot glue, let set.
4. Pleat crepe paper, fold in half and hot glue around the image base.
5. Add millinery, trims and ribbons to your doll.
6. Finally rub on some glitter it glue on parts of your doll, sprinkle with glitter, shake off excess and you are done.
Cupcake Liner Dolls! 3Cupcake Liner Dolls! 4
Tips and Tricks:
-If you don't have wood bamboo skewers, layer the cupcake liners on top of each other, gluing sides together or use tooth picks, or strip of sturdy card stock or chip board.
-Use vintage greeting card images in place of the Marie Antoinette image.
-Use your childs or family members photos instead.
-Spray paint the liners for holidays. For Halloween use black liners, a vintage image, chipboard wings and black glitter.
-Make a Christmas tree using green, red or pink liners cut to fit, add mini bulbs or glitter dots.
-Make extra large ones using various sizes of liners or coffee filters.
-Transform these into ornaments, cake toppers or garland.
Cupcake Liner Dolls! 5Cupcake Liner Dolls! 6

Hope you are inspired to recycled your party wares!
Magic and Joy,


TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

You are a shining star! This is brilliant. Just fabby in my opinion. *smiles* Norma

Michele said...

Love her! She is fabulous. And so are you for posting this tutorial! Thanks.

faerie enchantment said...

You are both so welcome, its such a fun and easy project. Check my flickr site for dozens of free images to use too! Magic and Joy!

BLISS angels said...

Oh she is stunning and beautiful and thank you for the tutoria... hugs wendy