Thursday, September 29, 2011

Up-Cycled Ruler Frame!
Up-cycled Frame! 6Up-cycled Frame!
Here is a frame I up-cycled using a wood frame, photocopies of vintage rulers, hardware and glue.
Up-cycled Frame!
-Wood frame
-Vintage ruler photocopies or originals
-Vintage or modern metal hardware/findings
-Mod Podge or decaupage medium of choice
-Matte sealer
-Epoxy glue
-Foam brush or paint brush

1. Cut ruler images to fit frame, glue in place with mod podge using a foam brush, let dry.
2. Apply matte sealer or finish of choice using foam brush or paint brush, let dry.
3. Attach hardware to frame corners using epoxy glue, let set about 10 minutes.
4. Insert vintage or modern photograph into your frame and enjoy.
Up-cycled Frame! 4Up-cycled Frame! 3Up-cycled Frame! 2
-Use original vintage rulers instead of photocopies, glue to frame w/epoxy glue or clear caulk.
-Use measuring tape instead of rulers.
-Age frame with antiquing medium.
-Jazz up frames w/steampunk pieces, rhinestones or broken jewelry.
Up-cycled Frame! 5Up-cycled Frame! 7

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