Sunday, September 25, 2011

Up-Cycled Project: Wicker Shelf turned Arsty!
Up-cycled project, wicker shelfTurn a boring wicker or rattan shelf into an artsy piece. All you need is a wicker shelf, which can be found at most thrift stores, garage sales or probably in your attic, some glue, water, foam brush and recycled book pages, music sheets or newspaper.
Up-cycled project, wicker shelf 7 Step One, Mix 3 parts all purpose glue w/one part water, stir with foam brush, set aside.Up-cycled project, wicker shelf 6Step Two: Gather pieces of recycled ephemera such as book sheets, dictionary pages, music sheets or newspaper.Up-cycled project, wicker shelf 2Up-cycled project, wicker shelf 3Step Three: Coat wicker with homemade decaupage glue medium using foam brush, saturate paper with glue and press onto wicker, brush additional medium onto the paper, repeat until the whole shelf is coated in paper, let dry.Up-cycled project, wicker shelf 4Up-cycled project, wicker shelf 8Step Four: Coat piece w/sealer or finish of choice, then start adding your fave items to it.Vintage goodies at PiddlestixsHere is my finished shelf used as a display for some artful goodies at Piddlestixs!
-Add die cuts, silhouettes or dresden scraps/trims to your shelf.
-Add broken jewelry, paper pinwheels or trim to your shelf.

The possibilities are endless. Remember recycling something can be rewarding and save you money too!

Magic and Joy,

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Incipient Wings said...

Hi Lisa
This is so cute, I have a little shelf just like this from a yard sale $1.00!!!
Going to try out your idea, thank you!