Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Up-Cycled Project: Vintage Butterfly Silhouette Frame!
Vintage Style Frame Project! 4Here is another quick and easy up-cycled project I created called: Vintage Butterfly Silhouette Frame.

This project can be made using items that you might have around your house such as small frames, holiday ornament or floral butterfly, ephemera such as piano paper or book pages, black card stock, ribbons, glitter and glue.


-Small Frame
-Holiday Floral Butterfly
-Piano Paper
-Black Card Stock
-Black Ribbon
-Silhouettes Book ( Dover Publications)
-Glitter/Glue: Antique Silver Glitter, Silver Glitter (Martha Stewart), Hot Glue,
Mod Podge (Plaid), Zip Dry (Beacon Adhesives)
-Tools:Hot Glue Gun, Paint Brush, Tiny Scissors and Large Scissors,

Step One:
Find a small frame, remove the frame paper insert, and trace onto piano paper, cut out, set aside.Vintage Style Frame  Project!
Step Two:
Photo copy silhouettes from a silhouette book, trace onto black card stock and cutout.
Step Three:
Attach cutout silhouette to cutout piano paper using zip dry, place inside the frame.

Step Four:
Hot glue the floral butterfly to the back of the Frame, apply mod podge to frame sprinkle with antique glitter, let dry. Then apply more mod podge to the butterfly sprinkle with silver glitter let dry. Add a black ribbon, tie a bow and your project is complete.Vintage Style Frame Project! 14Vintage Style Frame Project! 4

-Draw your own silhouettes
-Use German glass glitter
-Use a paper butterfly
-Try vintage book pages in place of piano paper.


Anonymous said...

thats a really lovely idea and project x

Ann said...

just lovely!!!
thanks so much for sharing this tutorial!!

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much for visiting! Hope this project inspired you!