Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Studio at Piddlestixs!
Me in my studio at Piddlestixs!
Many of you know I own a shoppe called Piddlestixs, located in Historic Lafayette, NJ. I have officially owned it for 1 year, and have worked hard to cultivate it into the magical world I want it to be, and share with you. Each day is a work in progress, finding props, furniture to create the displays and the ambiance to make it unique. The look for me this year is Coney Island Carnival meets Harry Potter Enchantment. My Studio Inside Piddlestixs! 8My Studio Inside Piddlestixs! 9My Studio Inside Piddlestixs! 2My Studio Inside Piddlestixs!

My store is located over the Millside Cafe in a former playhouse/theater, the stage portion of the store is where my studio is located, that's right my studio is located in the former stage performance section of the store, this is where I have been creating the past year, my labor of magic and love.My Studio Inside Piddlestixs! 11My Studio Inside Piddlestixs! 12My Studio Inside Piddlestixs! 14My Studio Inside Piddlestixs! 15
Piddlestixs is where my creativity happens, where I heal from the outside world and where I find the my inner magic. This week I begin working on the cupcake/sweet shoppe portion of the store, complete w/seer sucker carnival umbrella's and fun. Enjoy candy apples, chocolate apple sticks, cotton candy, gourmet cupcakes and more.My Studio Inside Piddlestixs! 4My Studio Inside Piddlestixs! 18

I'm also working on Piddlestixs vol.4 available in 2 weeks, which is both a print and digital independent artistic magazine I produce and is the basis of where the name of the store came from. Over the next few weeks you are going to see new merchandise, and handmade products from a variety of artists, including work from the amazing, Joan a Sugar loaf artist w/handmade children's apparel and fellow Sugar loaf artist and teacher, AmarettoGirl. Her faux sweet shoppe and cupcake pieces are fabulous.We will be teaming up to do some collaborations this summer and fall, stay tuned....Me and Marisol at Piddlestixs! 2New at Piddlestixs, Handmade by Joan!

Next week I will be getting some more apothecary style pieces from a friend who believes my store should have them and I believe she is right, lol. So if you are in the area of Lafayette, come on by and say hi. For now enjoy some pictures of my studio located inside the magical Piddlestixs!Me and Patty at Piddlestixs! 2

Magic and Joy,


Incipient Wings said...

hi lisa!
your shop looks beautiful, just looking at the pictures shows how much work and love went into it.
congtatulations on it's one year birthday!
I hope to visit it someday.

MaygreenFairies said...

It looks scrumptious, only wish I could visit :-( xx

EWian said...

Fun to see your shop/studio space, thanks for sharing.