Saturday, June 04, 2011

Museum of Natural History: Planetarium!
American Museum of Natural History 65What can be more fun then spending a sunny and warm afternoon at the Museum with good company, great scenery and close to home, some things come close, but the museum for me is first in line, first stop: The Hayden Planetarium!American Museum of Natural History 67Planetarium at MONH! 3Planetarium at MONH! 2Charles Hayden b.1870-1937, his vision and philanthropy helped to create the first Hayden Planetarium in 1935. The Hayden Planetarium is a public planetarium, part of the Rose Center for Earth and Space of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Planetarium at MONH! 6Planetarium at MONH! 5Planetarium at MONH! 12My friend Roby and I arrived at the Planetarium around 3pm and walked around to explore all the magical scenery, objects and exhibits while we waited for the Journey to the Stars Program at 4:30pm. Now we all know if I'm aimed with a loaded camera and an adventure, lots of pictures are going to be taken, I won't say how many I took, but it was a tough call to pick the best ones to download, not to mention having fun in the gift shop, lol.Planetarium at MONH! 13Planetarium at MONH! 14Planetarium at MONH! 15Isn't the planetarium amazing, so magical, like you literally entered another world or planet, a living sci-fi movie, think Lost in Space, Star Trek and Star Wars, I was having a blast, looking around everywhere, making sure I didn't miss a thing.Planetarium at MONH! 16Planetarium at MONH! 18Planetarium at MONH! 20Planetarium at MONH! 21Does life exist elsewhere in the solar system? is the title revolving around this exhibit, the teranium scene in this crystal like ball, brought me to another place, allowing my imagination to soar, thinking about hidden worlds and envisioning an exploration or astrology room in a grand castle or mansion, something straight from Harry Potter. This exhibit also inspired me to create some new pieces I am working on now and will un-veil soon.Planetarium at MONH! 24Planetarium at MONH! 23lisa space 3lisa space 4Since I was a little girl I was obsessed with the unusual, tiny worlds, science, space, astronomy, potions, fantasy and minerals, so being here was a real treat for me, alot of my work revolves around these themes in some way, and keeps me inspired, aka Lisa in Space, lol.Planetarium at MONH! 27lisa in space glowPlanetarium at MONH! 11Planetarium at MONH! 25Planetarium at MONH! 26For more information on the museum or planetarium visit:
Have a magical weekend!

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Incipient Wings said...

awesome!...ive always wanted to go there:)
the pictures are really beautiful, thank you for showing them to us.
ooh now i'm all excited to see your new pieces!!!!
can't wait.
hope youre feeling better and resting your voice:)
hope the rest of your weekend is just as fun.