Friday, June 10, 2011

Loving Sweet Pink Dollies!
Party Pink Doll Head! Are you loving pink? Its that time of year when all the taffy, salt water, cotton candy sweet colors come back for the summer season. Think carnivals, fete's, birthday's and storybook parties. Party Pink Doll Head! 2As a huge fan of pink and the sugary sweet colors of summer, I have pulled out some of the pinkest and sweetest parts from my embellishments line, to get you started on a summer of sweet fun.Large Cotton Candy Pink Charlotte HeadsCotton Candy Cupie Heads! 3Miss Sugarcakes!Most of my parts and embellishments come in a variety of colors and if they aren't listed in pink color, they can be ordered with pink color or details. Just let me know. For now all my pieces are available in my artfire store, my websites and at piddlestixs.Flora and Elle Painted Silhouettes! 4Carnival Doll Head: Lulu Candy Apple!Painted Ladies Parts: Blossom RaisinwoodPinkville Charlottes! 2Taffy, Miss AnimeAll these embellishments are perfect for a variety of crafting and decor from scrapbooking to assemblage, party favors, party decor, jewelry and more.Cherry Taffy China Head!New: China Doll Heads! Pink!Have a magical and pink filled day!

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Ann said...

these dollies are beyond darling!!