Friday, October 17, 2008

What is Magic? How can we find it in our Studio?
For the past 6months I have been so consumed with getting deadlines done, binding swap books, sending gifties and swap things out, teaching workshops, attending conventions and taking care of my family (Glenny, the Kitties and Doggie DJ). During this time, I have neglected myself and my studio, I felt a loss of magic within my private space. It wasn't until a few weeks ago, when I opened my studio door and called upon the Magic Art Faerie, I asked her to send me some of her power of motivation to bring back my Fantasy Side in this room. Boom.....With a wisk of her magic wand...And a huge Piddle Padiddle, Spazzle Mer-Razzle, I began the re-structure of the studio, giving it new life, re-naming it: The Faerie Apothecary Shoppe!

I started by envisioning what my ideal space would be....It would have to represent what I am all about, not a facade of fakeness, but of a real genuine love for the world of fantasy and magic, a place that would transport be in a real life Harry Potter Movie or Faerie Novel, Something with the feel of an old English Apothecary Shoppe, meets a Faerie Boutique, meets a Queen's Dressing Room, with the sweetness of a old European Confectionary Shoppe in Paris, with artifacts of vintage printing drawers, cigar boxes, Candy Jars and Cake Plates, Eccletic Images, Carnival/Circus fun and Opera Glamour, a Marie Antoinette Soiree, A Vampy Silent Film and Vintage Orient Express Luggage Cart with a blend of Egyptology all on a Midsummer Nights and Halloween Day. Now that my folks is my dream studio.

Are you thinking, How much money could that cost, well alot, if you don't know how to create it yourself....So I will let you in on some little secrets....Walmart, love it, has Walmart Black bookcases, they are amazing, great quality, and an apothecary feel, a little over 6 feet tall, and wide, perfect for storing and filling up. The cost: $27 for each shelf, I have 2..

The Studio List:

1. Walmart Black Bookcases $27-$29 each

2. Broken handpainted buffet, Original price $750, Homegoods price $300, the damaged price: $50, which Glenny repaired and finished.

3. Inside shelving for a large Armoire, free, saved from friends garbage, painted to match the shelves, now it resembles the printers shelves.

4. Dark Grey barrel from Joanne's Craft on sale: $2.50, original price $22.00, this holds my wallpapers, and rolled sheets, I tied a velvet ribbon and bow around it to finish it off..Wine barrels make great holders too, if you have the room.

5.Bombay Mail letter slot shelf, $20, original price $199.00, why, they were closing the Bombay Store.

6. Jars: from various rummage sales, craft stores, tomato sauce and pickle jars, recycled Yankee Candle Jars, pricing 25c to $2.00 each.
7. Old World War I, Army trunk, $10, Antique store moving sale.

8. Cigar Boxes, 5c to $5.00 each

9. Gift bags, recycled, or discount $0.00 to $2.49
10. Hat Boxes, Old, 50 cents each, bought 2 today.
11.Lots of Glitter and Dolls!

12. Loads of edible treats!

13. Oh and turn an ugly lamp into a prom dress display with curtains, fabric, velvet and pins.

14. Don't forget the paper lanterns too!
I'll be adding more helpful studio tips and ideas, pics and more as I continue to grow the studio. I'm currently working on the closet, turning it into a giant lighted silhouette, more drawers, shelving, lanterns, and opera curtains, for another magic filled secret nook.

But remember this, you don't have to go to an expensive store to furnish your studio, call on the Faerie of Magic, to send you some creative inspiration to brighten your space..After starting this artful journey from my career to this studio that Magic is everywhere, in everything we do, just finding a cool rock in the backyard, the changing of Autumn leaves, Robin's Eggs, and drinking a nice cup of coffee or sweet piece of cake, fills me with joy, a personal magic I love to feel.

Now go get some Magic of course.......


*SHeRRy B* said...

Magical, indeed!

faerie enchantment said...

Thank You! Sprinkling some magic your way!


dime store daze said...

Wowo love it and all the tips are great, can't wait to see it... getting ready for next week
miss ya

michelle renee bernard said...

What a magical place you dwell in. Not just in your surroundings, but so obviously in your heart!

It was great getting to know you at Ranger U. Keep creating!


faerie enchantment said...

I had so much fun Michelle, So glad we met, stop on by for more magic!