Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Handmade Faire: Highlights!
"Magic and Mayhem, Holly Dollies a must, add some pixie dust, to your Pumpkin doll bust.."

Dolls, Dolls and More Dolls were the basis behind my Halloween Theme this year. Every year around this time I try to do at least one fall show which usually has a different Halloween Theme, one year it was Phantom of the Opera, the next a Faerie Apothecary and one year Pumpkin Splendor, this year was a dollie theme, not too spooky but sweet and vintage. I'm in dollie overload lately, can't get enough dollie stuff to make or buy. Below is a peak into my display in my booth area at The Handmade Faire: in Medford, NJ

As You can see in the following pictures I made tons of my most popular hats and crown styles, from the dollie hats, sweet witches hats and the popular cupcake crowns, even my primitive Poofalong Gang of items were on hand.

What made the day so much more exciting and fun was when I was surprised with visits from Miss Suze and Miss Michelle who came by to visit and play, not to mention meeting the fab Suze aka Junque Drawer Chick (Flickr and Blog) who came by and bought the sweet Queen Lilly Charlotte Doll, don't worry everyone, I've made more for Silver Bella.

Since it was Suze's Birthday last week, I had a Special Birthday Pixie Hat waiting for her in dark red colors and my fave pink coloring, didn't want to go too pastel on the hat. Here is Suze and I with her hat on.

In this next picture is a sweet little customer of mine whose mom is a talented artist and was a vendor at the show, here she is wearing the hat she bought from me, this one was a fave of mine.

Here I am wearing one of my hats, jsut playinga round with the Dollies, after all, I had to bring some magic in, with all the dim rain and wind outside the Special Show Tent.

Here is a great picture of Michelle and me, she is amazing, such an incredible artist, you have to go on her blog and website to see all the magic she creates, here links are above, truly magical! Did I mention her fave color is pink?

In this picture is a grouping of my new Dollie Mussies, made from vintage school paper, felt, images, Martha Glitter, Vintage ribbon and more.

Now in this picture is the amazing Abbie Galie, who with her Mother in Law Pola run this glorious event. Abbie had a fun costume and this great hat which she bought from an artist on Etsy. At the show Abbie bought one of my magic wands to spread more magic around the event!

Near my magical wands were some of my magical witch hats, here is a picture of a few

Now here is a picture of my Mom modeling one of my Dollie Witch Hat Designs, Magical don't you think? My mom is a fabulous Artist who started in the arts with writing and floral arrangements, now she is an avid jewelry designer concentrating on the Romantic and Victorian Side of Jewelry, each with a story of its own. I taught her some basic jewelry design, then after a class and an outing with the glorious Terri Ventura: Joan aka Aurora-tique was hooked on making more and more jewelry and romantic novelties, available in her Etsy Store: visit her newly constructed blog and flickr

Here is a great photo of the two Greats: Suze and Joan!

The following are more photo highlights from the event:

Now with that being said, I thought I'd end the day with a photo of me and my fave Witches Hat, made with loads of Spooky Black Feathers!

Have a Be-Witching Halloween!


dime store daze said...

Your stuff looks divine Lisa.. you'll be the belle of the ball at Silver Bella.
Just went to Moms etsy shop and it's fantastic. I know she'll do great.
send her my congrats.

Danielle said...

I forgot to check for pictures until I saw you on Vintage Indie today. My little girl loves her hat!