Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Autumn Snowstorm!

After having a very busy and super exciting weekend, I was ready to get to work, send out orders, back orders, swaps and gifties out, On Monday we lost internet access and the computer was down, on and off all day, everytime I started a new cd order, the system shut. So I said, I will do it tuesday, that didn't happen either, I woke and saw a coating of snow, I was excited, wow, what a sweet surprise. As I was scanning the new images to add to my cd collections I called in my dog:DJ and went to make a cup of coffee, when we heard a loud explosion, with that being said, POOF, we lost power!

Wow, now that was a loud explosion, the snow was piling up, trees were dropping and branches flying all over, hitting the roof and sides of the house. Still, I thought we will have power soon. The optimistic person I am, decided to paint by the window some older un-finished pieces until the power came back. Since I am a Hot Glue Queen, I couldn't finish my pieces or swaps.

Then I thought it is Glenn and Mine's 2 year anniversary, I'll find an outfit for tonight, if it gets worse I'll go to my Mom's to get ready. Well I get a call from her, the power is out here too, then with 2 bars left in my cell, once that dies, I am completely powerless in the house, how do I get help if I need it?
Okay after 7 hours of no power, (no heat, hot water or refrigeration),over 8 inches of snow, a huge tree down missing my car
and light dwindling outside, what do I do? No Glenny and now my cell phone is dead. Finally he arrives home after being detoured from all the main road closures and down trees, around 7pm, we rush out and try to salvage whats left of our anniversary with a trip to Charlie Browns, Glenny in his work clothes and me in three layers, a coat, scarf, gloves and rubber knee mud boats (at least they were my polo specials), no make up and a pony tail, very attractive I assure you! LOL!

After dinner we head over to Lowes and come to find all generators from Home Depot and surrounding Lowes were sold except for 4 left, which all of us powerless folks each bought, after 2 hrs of waiting around..Now you are thinking she now gets power, wrong, this one is broken, LOL..So we bundle up, camp out by the fire with the kitties, the dog, a bottle of wine, a bag of marshmellos, bamboo skewers, an a militia of Yankee Candles, 5 blankets and call it a night.

Turns out we might not get power until Friday or Saturday, even the shopping plaza's are without power except for a few small areas, and now my Mom has power too, thank goodness, I needed to warm up, charge my phone and get to a computer.

Glenny is currently installing a new generator he got on the road today, a $1000 later, they aren't cheap, LOL..Despite all this it will be an anniversary to remember, a good one to tell our future children and grandchildren.

If anyone is waiting on orders, back orders, swaps, etc., please give me some time to get power and into my main computer base. All zine orders should still be on time, as they are shipped directly from the publisher and I can access through my email on this computer. If you have any questions, I will get to them as fast as I can!

Have a Magical and Snow Free Halloween!



KarenHarveyCox said...

Oh Lisa, a snow storm already. I am sorry about your power. I was visiting my girlfriend last week in Hopewell, New Jersey, and the wind knocked her power out. She has a generator and it worked like a charm. Hope you are staying warm, and perhaps a pumpkin snowman might just be in order.

AimeeInOhio said...

Oh Lisa!! We got flurries here in Oh but that's it....and it's supposed to be 60 on Friday...gotta luv this part of the country! LOL

tanya watts said...

my goodness! what a weather you are having there! at such discomfort! oh and i was just saying yesterday that if i ever wanted to move country again i would consider moving to New Jersey! i loved it there but i might think again now haha!
it all sounds pretty romantic really probably isn't but wil be years from now so hang in there my dear!!! no frozen faeries! keep them warm

vivian said...

brrrr.. i'm cold just thinking about no heat or electric and all that snow! weve had a few flurries here and there over the last week, but nothing that sticks... yet.... I live between buffalo and believe me, it will come and we will get more then our fair share! Well happy anniversary! sounds like it was an interesting one! stay warm!!

Marie Antionette said...

Hon ,i'm so sorry ,you had to go though all that.Its bad enough in the summer to be left without power ,but winter,I would just die.I cannot stand the cold.When it gets just 30 degrees here ,i freeze.I hope all that mess won't delay your feathers.BTW,i'm having my first contest.Drop on by to leave a name for my newest piano doll.The drawing is Nov. 8 Hugs Marie Antionette

ByLightOfMoon said...

Glad your eventful Anniversary night ended well with your love! We were without power in a snow for four days in Alabama once and it WAS COLD! Snow to high to even get out! I get shivers thinking about it. ((warm huggies))

smiles, cyndi/frstyfrolk

Fabulous Finds Studio said...

Oh my goodness, what a story! We rarely get know in the Dallas area so in a way I envy you! Losing power is not fun though but I'm glad you are trying to keep busy. I just put on a pair of shorts since the high will be 80 today...I'll be thinking about you..stay warm :-)
Have a fabuous day!

eclectic archivist said...

Snow already! I think it was 92 here today, it gets below 80 and pull out the jacket and scarf. Stay warm.

faerie enchantment said...

Just got power back a little while ago, our friends a few miles down are still without it.
We didn't hook alot of things up to the generator we just bought, to conserve the neccessities, now with real power, I have a computer back! LOL!
Loads of emails and orders to get to! Thank You all for stopping by to leave WARM Messages over here, God Knows I needed it!

Have a Wonderful and Happy Halloween!
Magic and Super Hugs!

Lola Enchanted said...

WoW! I feel so bad for you!! Although you seem to be taking it well! Your just sooo positive! I'd be crying and acting as if it were a national disaster!! Wanting to get the President on the phone so he can get over there to fix it!!
heehee!!! Well, when you can, drop by and enter my giveaway!! Hopefully you have a wonderful warm and lit Halloween!!!!!!!
Keep us informed!!!!!~

faerie enchantment said...

The forecast today, sunny a high of 60, now thats funny, freezing all week, and warm today, have to love the weather! LOL!
I'll drop on by your amazing blog now!

Gina2424 said...

Good heavens, but at rather romantic anniversary at that! Good for you!