Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Day of Artful Magic and Studio Play!
What can occur when two girls get together for some artful fun, why, Magic of course. On Tuesday Suze took the 90 minute drive to my house from South Jersey, passing quite alot of trees and enchanting pumpkin patches on her way to my house, which seemed hidden in the woods from the main road...

Upon arrival Suze and I immediately began sharing stories and posing for pictures, she took over 90 pictures, I slacked off with close to only 70 pictures, LOL! I'll make up for it, I promise. Here's a picture of Suze's wearing the tea cozy I made her, as a hat, doesn't she make it look like a real hat, perhaps from Asia or Vintage Coronation Hats, Now We know there is more to a tea cozy then meets the eye!LOL.

While Sue shows off a tea cozy hat, in the next picture I actually look like I am preparing for a masquerade, wearing my handmade mask and giving a smile, Wish I was on my way to a Masquerade, but wearing this mask gives you the feeling you are, it gives you some added inspiration and vintage flare.

After taking loads of fun pictures, Suze and I began playing with supplies and experimenting with several techniques, the first was showing Suze how to make homemade glass glitter, using a rock tumber, Ranger alcohol inks and some magic.
Here is a picture of the colored glass

Here I am with the tumbler (photo from Suze's Blog:

After we did the glass glitter basics, it was off for some brunch: An Egg Fritata with grilled chicken, onions, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, red pepper and parmesean, Jersey Tomato salad w/Fresh Mozzerella, herbs and garlic, a Garden Salad, Chedder Crisps and Baked bread, followed by some apple pie I baked the night before and my famous double chocolate Cupcakes with creamy whipped buttercream, coffee for me, and tea for Suze and my special guest, Joan, my Mom! So this next picture would be fitting to post, my collection of confections: Sweet Licorice and Sour Cherry Hard Candies which I carry with me and leave in the studio in new glass jars, these treats get me through the day!

My love for glass can be seen through out the studio, which I am transforming into what I call: The Faerie Apothecary Shoppe! I love the look of vintage European confectionary Shoppes and want my studio to reflex that as well as my love for all thinsg magical and enchanting, keeping true to my artful muse, which will be in complete utopia when it is all done. Here's a glimpse into my jar collection filled with unique and vintage oddities

The following is a picture of Suze standing against one of my studio shelves.

Here we are playing with art once again, trying various things and using loads of Ranger products and fun supplies, We found another fab technique by using Ranger Colorwash sprays on finished beeswax. This is a fun fun shape I covered in piano papers with Claudine's Gel Medium (this stuff is amazing), 2 coats, for a sturdy wood like weight. painted, sanded and covered in Suze's beeswax, I did this to two pieces, and hot glued an accordian atc sized cardstock to both covers to transform into a book. Once the beeswax cools, its ready for more fun. Suze and I sprayed Lettuce Color Wash on it, wiped it off and got a wonderful color which adhered perfectly to the beeswax. We also played with paints and mediums using Claudine's Sticky Back Canvas, I love this, my new fave art item.

When to artists get together its always going to be playtime, remember playing with your dolls and friends in the 1rst grade or making clay pots in the 3rd grade and you were so excited, or the thrill of an antique sale, its that same feeling when you can create things with friends, its a pure magic from within.
Here are some other snippets of my studio:

My fave photo of my Enchanted Glass or what I call Magic Glass!

Above the two of us having a Bewitching Time!wearing our Witches Hats (I have about 40 of them getting ready to be transformed for my next show).
Some carnival gift bags as painting or light storage, aren't they fun. Followed by my Carnival Queens rivaling for head Carnival Queen! After all they are dollies!

Here is the latest doll creation: Beeswax covered bisque doll with crepe paper and sweet trimmings!

I hope you enjoyed our artful adventure and some of the new technqiues we came up with! Have a Enchanting Night! Lisa!


Tina said...

What great fun you two had!!! Thanks for sharin' it with us :)

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks for coming by and reading the adventure! We had so much fun!

KarenHarveyCox said...

Wow, this looks like being locked up in the toy store for sure!!! Wish I had been there. You know the art of encaustics has returned, and although it looked intriguing, it also seems so dangerous. This method that you showed looked easy and safe. I love everything, and I must check out Claudine's medium. I didn't know that she had her own now. I love what you created too. Karen

faerie enchantment said...

Karen, when ever you are in NJ, you are always welcome at my home, to create and play with art goodies!

Magic and Super Joy!

Kim Caldwell said...

Looks like you had the best day together. Love your studio!

Hugs, Kim

faerie enchantment said...

Thanks so much, I'm working on the closet now, its a nice walk in, which is being transformed in the next few weeks with a giant silhouette, lights, and opera curtains..Then it will be complete!