Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend Adventure: Enchanting Curiosities!
Doesn't every Girl love a sale, a true bargin...Well I am one of those girls who love to come across great items at fare cost, I ususually stumble upon rare delights at fab prices when I visit a rummage, or garage sale, even the thrift store can excite the artful muse...

On Friday I woke up, gave a stretch, glanced out my window and began to get ready, for I was attending the Rummage Sale around the corner from my house at the PVA Church short for Panter Valley. I must share with you my delightful experience, as soon as I walked I I saw the most amazing vintage hat box for a mere 50cents, I am serious, then across the room was another hat box for 50 cents with the Haynes and Company logo on the top, those 2 items alone, got my heart pumping.

Followed by the basket of Shine Brite Ornaments for $4.00, the vintage Easter ornies and basket for 25 cents, the most dazzling mixed green tinsel for 25 cents, not to mention a deep red leather bucket for $3.00, a game set with small chess, checkers pieces, rumi, etc for $1.00, china cup for 25 cents, followed by 2 darling glass cups, containers and more.

My fave find was the pearls each set a $1.00, by now my mouth was open, Oh did I mention the vintage wallpaper rolls $1.00 each, so much eye candy..The people there were all so friendly and super sweet, such a great bunch of woman. Afterwards Mom and I headed over to Charlie Browns in Hackettstown, which is situated in a documented Haunted Victorian, Spooky, Here is an outside look:

My sweet finds didn't end here, the next day, My girlfriend Patty, My Mom and Myself headed over to the thrift store, this is what I found, a darling complete tea set for a $1.00 each piece, some vintage tins, and sweet records and record books, I loved the graphics. Each record was a $1.00 each, I'm in total vintage heaven, so many amazing goodies, and new images to share too.

Afterwards Patty and I went to scout for costumes at the store, she had some luck and bought a gothic fairy witch costume for our trip to Salem, MA next weekend Oct.30-Nov.2, I didn't find anything here, so I have decided to dress up as A Sppoky Marie Antoinette, complete with powdered wig, here is a glimpse of our Spooktacular visit:

Don't we look scared? LOL Afterwards the 3 of us headed for the book store for some White Chocolate Mochas, Pumpkin Spiced Cake and to chat about our findings. While I was there I checked out the new Country Living Magazine which had a great page of info on Silver Bella, which I will be attending and vending in November, so excited.

When we all left the book store, I headed home, re-changed and Glenny, Bobby and I headed to the Mercury Lounge in the city to see his cousins band play, they recently opened for Bon Jovi, how cool is that. Super nice group of guys. The nite was still not over, grabbed some late dinner at Chickpea, I had Roasted Pepper Hummus, covered in chicken kabob, soooo good, then back to NJ, over to Morristown, and finally I got to go home, get into my jammies and get to bed, I had an exhausting day, but a fun one.

More adventures to come!


Wanda said...

Lisa, cleaned up. Great finds, you lucky girl! I can't wait to see your booth in November. I loved your posts on your new apothecary...very cool. I love it. I wish I could use all those glass jars that everyone has...they are so neat. But we move too much and I don't trust the movers. :) See you in Omaha!

eclectic archivist said...

Looks like you hit the mother-load of fantastic treasures, and what a bargain!

tanya watts said...

lucky lucky you!!! what a load of great finds! i'm a tick jealous!!! :-)

faerie enchantment said...

It was a bounty, I didn't post all the pics, But these were some. I think I spent about $38 in two days of treasure hunting, now thats a deal. LOL!

Wanda-Can't wait to meet, we are all going to have fun.

Waving hello everyone!

Magic and Joy!

G.R.I.T.S. said...

Wow... I stumbled across your site and blog while looking for pics of handmade tiaras on Flikr. I'm in love!! Do you have any tutorials on making any of your hats or tiaras?? I'm not able to attend any of your conventions at this time. I will purchase the ezine in a day or so. Thanks. I've posted a link for you on my blog.