Monday, April 06, 2015

Patriotic Splash, Paper Cone Tutorial

"The American Flag is a symbol of our freedom, national pride and history" -Mike Fitzpatrick

"Patriotic Splash" is a paper project inspired by the seashore, vintage Boardwalk, and primitive summer patriotic holidays! This huge paper cone was made the w/sails and shells sampler pack from Canvas Corp., paper straws, wood accents, vintage ephemera and stained ribbon using Tattered Angels.

I recently came across a box of vintage ephemera containing old patriotic costumes, bathing beauty scenes, and seaside amusement. All ornate, detailed and some had color. Blues, whites, tans and creamy reds. Everyone of them screamed old boardwalk, old patriotic Americana with Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day scenes by the seashore. So inspiring and fun. The result was this project and a few others I will post soon, think bathing beauties and flags.

To make your own paper cone you could photocopy the template out of my mixed media art book: "Altered Art Circus", Quarry Books, Lisa Kettell. If that''s not available to you, here is the full set of instructions to make a paper cone and this project.



  1. Starting from one corner, roll a 12 by 12 inch piece of scrapbook paper into a cone shape. Hot glue in place and cut any excess paper. Fill with light blue paper shreds, set aside.
  2. Hot glue a 12 inch piece of white paper floral wire to each end of the paper cone, arching it around the front. Cut various square shape images from the scrapbook paper, and hot glue to the white paper floral wire to form a banner.
  3. Attach a crescent moon shape to a paper straw to make a wand, set aside.
  4. Begin dying white or light color cotton ribbon with fine wood spray ink. Spray until desired ink color is achieved, let dry. Then tie to the crescent moon wand and insert into the paper cone, hot glue in place. 
  5. Cut a 2 inch by 12 inch strip of seer sucker scrapbook paper from the scrapbook paper pack. Begin cutting fringe into the cut paper strip, when complete, hot glue to the paper cone rim.
  6. Layer your cone with more images cut from the scrapbook paper, vintage image and ephemera.
  7. Make a paper fan rosette from the scrapbook paper, add that to the paper cone.
  8. Finally embellish with German glass glitter and a wire to hang your paper cone. 

  9. Tips/Tricks:
  • You can make smaller sized paper cones, paper cone wreaths, paper cone banners.
  • Turn your cone into a seaside party hat or large table center piece.
  • Add shells and more ephemera to your paper cone.
  • Distress your paper with more inks. 

    I hope you enjoyed this project and get inspired to make your own version.

    Happy Monday,

    Lisa xoxo

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