Saturday, April 18, 2015

Infinity Forever!

Made with the threading.

Over the past few months I have been teaching a ton of Infinity Bracelet classes and I have to say, I am hooked. I created my first infinity bracelet a few years ago, over a 100 later, I'm still excited when I get a chance to make one and to teach it to others.

Recently I taught infinity bracelets at Michaels Stores using all bead landing supplies and beads via Halcraft USA.  I love the quality, styles and colors that Halcraft USA creates for the Bead Landing line at Michaels.  Their beading selection is fabulous and works in all my projects and workshops.

To make my version of the infinity bracelets you only need leather cording, thin wire, beads of choice and a clasp which is optional. I warn you, these bracelets are so easy to make and the results are so breathtaking, you will be hooked.  
Made with the threading.

I prefer using thin wire to wrap the beads instead of thin threading. I think the wire gives you more flexibility, more forgiving and looks nicer. Wire comes in so many colors and thickness today, as does leather cording. My students also prefer the wire and love the control they have with it opposed to threading.

Made with the thin wire.
In the next week I will post instructions on how to make your own using the leather cording, wire, and beads. This bracelet project could even become an anklet, belt or necklace cuff.

For now here are samples of the bracelets I made for the classes and some my students made using the technique they learned in my class.

xoxo Lisa

These are from a recent class. I love what Nicole
did to her bracelet. So soothing and peaceful.
Like sea glass at the beach. The Turquoise one
is inspired by Sedona.

Up close of Nicole's bracelet.

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