Tuesday, April 14, 2015

5 Minute Wood Necklaces

Wood laser cutouts are all over the place. From ornate scroll works, cute shapes and wording, wood has taken over. The variety of uses for these elements is endless. Every second an idea pops up. With the big emergence of the 80s and 90s again this year.

In the 80s some of my biggest memories were neon and bold colors, roller skating, leg warmers, strawberry shortcake, stickers and laser cut jewelry or accessories. For my sweet 16, my mom bought me an ornate laser cut mirrored album for my party pictures.

This project is a take on 80's style with a sweet modern update and takes only minutes to actually make. All you need are some wood word cut outs, paint, jump rings, chains and jewelry tools. With a few quick steps, you'll be skating away with your new name necklace.


  • Laser cut wood name ( I used "sugar" and 'sweet"), Michaels Stores
  • Ready made 18 inch jewelry chains w/clasp, Bead Landing Michaels Stores
  • Jump rings, 6mm, Darice
  • Acrylic paint (I used cream, peach and aqua)
  • Jewelry drill puncher, 0.9 and 0.6 holes, Advantus Corp
  • Tools: needle nose pliers, paint brush, pencil


  1. Flip the laser cut wood name over so the wording is in reverse. With a pencil mark a hole on each end of the laser cut wood name.
  2. Insert the laser cut wood name into the jewelry drill punch, line up with the marked holes and twist using the 0.9 drill punch. 
  3. Paint your laser cut wood names with colors of choice, let dry a few minutes. 
  4. Open up the ready made chain at the center using needle nose pliers, Attach the open chain to the laser cut wood names using jump rings.
  5. Your necklace is ready to wear.  

  • The jewelry drill press is light, small and easy to use. Many companies offer them and can be found at most craft stores in the jewelry or tool section of the stores and range in price from     $8.00-$17.00 and drill through most light woods, and metals. Advantus corp/Tim Holtz line has one available as well.
  • Coat your wood cutouts with glitter and nail polish clear sealer.
  • Cover your wood cutouts with rhinestones or sequins,
  • Wrap your wood cutouts with embroidery floss.
  • Gold foil, chalkboard paint, or wood stain markers give some fun to your piece.
  • Make your own chain or thread with beads.
  • Try cutesy animal shapes, crowns and mustaches.
  • Use flocking on your wood cutout.
  • Spray paint works well too.
  • Try rub on transfers or rubber stamps to add more detail to your wood cutout. 
I hope you enjoyed this project and get inspired to make your own. 

More projects coming this week.

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