Friday, October 08, 2010

A Hero Will Live on Forever!
Me and grandpa
It has been a long week filled with an empty feeling, a loss, that in the reality of life I will no longer be able to dial the phone or answer the call to talk with my grandfather, as he was called from a higher power to start the next journey in his life which is to be re-united with my Grandmother and his family above, to walk with the Angels and be mine.

My grandparents lived with me growing up, they were like having a second set of parents in the house, both doted on me and treated me like their own child, they were always there and now I know will always be. My mother, the baby of the family, has tried to find comfort this week and will continue too as each day passes. Grandpa was the man who was held the family together while family sides divided and found their own lives, he still remained everyone's rock through it all.

But he needed to exist, to out live the tribulations of battle in WWII, earning a purple heart and various other medals throughout his military reign in the Army Signal Corps., coming home to meet my grandmother and start a family, together they paved the path for my family to exist and create themselves.

Although I believe he had more life in him, at least 10 more years, but God had other plans and Anthony Ciamillo answered to those plans. On Monday he was placed at rest with a formal military salute. His memory will live on in our hearts forever.

As a tribute to honor him, I will have his name added to the hall of candles at St. Josephs Shrine right near the one I had made for my Grandmother 5 years ago. Now Mom and I can visit them there all the time.

Thank you for all your support, your warm words, cards, prayers and love to Mom, My Family and Me, it has been much of a comfort to us!

Thank You and God Bless You!

xo Lisa and Momma Joan!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

What a wonderful tribute to your grandfather. I am sorry for your loss. I rejoice knowing that YOU know that you will be reunited again.

Incipient Wings said...

that was beautiful lisa.

Miss Rhea said...

Gosh, I am so sorry Lisa :( It is always awful to say goodbye, even when we know it is temporary. I am sending hugs and prayers your way and for your Mom too. :)

Elaine A said...

Lisa -

Please know that I am sending prayers to help comfort you and your Mom on your loss. Your grandfather is singing with the angels and your grandmother in heaven.

Elaine Allen

faerie enchantment said...

It was such a tough loss for us all. We try to rebuild and heal everyday, which I know will take time, his memory with stay with us always and now we have gained an angel above!

Thank you all for your support and warm wishes!

Magic, Joy, Blessings to you all!

meleen dupré said...

i am so sorry for your loss. what beautiful words you have written for your grandfather!
love to you and your mom!

Molly said...

Your short story about your families loss of a loving Grandfather was so moving.
Coming from a family whos grandparents had died before both my brothers and I were even born
I had often wondered as a child what it would be like to have them around. My mum became my children’s grandparent and I loved watching her tell them stories, running and playing with them and of course baking cakes with them. This was a lucky and lovely time my girls had with her and in your words I can see what a lovely life you had with your grandfather, you are so lucky.
My thoughts are with you and your mum. Kindest Regards. Mary

faerie enchantment said...

Meleen and Mary,
Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your warm words and support. My grandfather was the final glue which bonded our family together, he was a joy in my life as was my grandmother, together I would go on long drives with them and learned so much from them both, about strength and following your dreams.

I told my grandfather good news in this photo and he grabbed my hand, we held hands that day for awhile, I had to capture this moment which will be with me forever!

Each day we heal a bit more!

Magic, Love and Joy!