Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Party Time Box!
Party Time Box!

“Wish on everything. Pink cars are good, especially old ones. And stars of course, first stars and shooting stars. Planes will do if they are the first light in the sky and look like stars. Wish in tunnels, holding your breath and lifting your feet off the ground. Birthday candles. Baby teeth.”

-Francesca Lia Block (American Author)

Party Time Box! 4

I have been on a crusade to re-invent: "Sweet" aka "Kawaii", to re-invent the circus girl in me, the Celebration inside. October is a magical month, for me it brings forth a new journey in my life one filled with new opportunities and works. I have found myself mixing color palettes and themes, especially loving the idea of blending orange and pink, aqua and red, metallics and chic, cupcakes and grunge.
Party Time Box! 3Party Time Box! 2
This new art piece: "Party Time Box" blends a little grunge aka spice with some sugary nice. I covered a papier mache box with printed parchment paper shreds, then topped with a sugary bunny, vintage chicks, tiny pom pom fringe, feathers, tinsel chenille, papers, glitters and more.
Party Time Box! 5

This piece is supposed to bring a smile to your day, to celebrate being you! It doesn't have to be your birthday in order to have a day of celebration, to have a slice of cake, drink a milk shake or get a present, how about creating a celebrated piece of work and dedicate to yourself.
Party Time Box! 6
Have a celebrated day!


Anonymous said...

I love this party time box its really beautiful!x

Incipient Wings said...

This is gorgeous...I like the 'sugary bunny' bit...
it is very happy artwork.
thanks for sharing.