Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Recycled Halloween!
Recycled Halloween! 7
As many of you know I love love love to recycle and re-use items in a variety of way. By recycling I can give new life to things, you help the environment, and it cost virtually nothing. A book and its pages can be turned into a plethora of things from wall art to a wreath to a new book, rosettes, party hats, crowns, cones, etc.
Recycled Halloween! 3Recycled Halloween! 4
For this recycled project I used left over un-painted jack-o-lanterns treat lanterns, bird foliage pick, pumpkin picks, floral wire, floral moss, book pages for the party hat and rosettes, paints, Beacon's Tinsel glitter and Kid's Choice glue.
Recycled Halloween! 2Recycled Halloween!
I hand painted the pumpkins, then assembled the piece, the end result a fabulous Halloween hanging assemblage that you can create for friends/family, yourself or do with the kids!
Recycled Halloween! 5

Hope you enjoy!
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