Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Altered Art Circus: Party Hats, Tussie Mussies, Cones!

In my book; Altered Art Circus, I have a few projects revolving around cones such as the Marie Antoinette Tussie Mussie and The Marie Antoinette Cone Doll Hat/Centerpiece. These projects revolve around a simple cones shape which can turn into a variety of projects such as a doll, tree topper, holiday tree, wreath, party hat, party cones, flower cones aka cornucopia's, pocket posies and tussie mussie's, candy favor cones, wizard hats, witch hats, princess hats, rosettes and more, all from one simple shape.

Creating cones is extremely easy, you can open up a cheap party hat and trace it for a template. Try tracing a large plate onto card stock or poster board, find the center, mark the point, and draw line from edge to the center point, cut that line, fold in and glue. Buy paper mache cornucopia cones already made at your craft store or just buy my book, and photocopy the template inside to your desired size and use that.

Over the year I have transformed my cone projects into a few things and incorporated my scrapbook papers and embellishments from my line into them. The following 2 photos are samples of some of the papers and parts! The first is the Candy Paper and the next some of the embellishments to accompany my papers.
My New Scrapbook Line! Spring 2010Carnival Doll Heads & Matching Paper!

Party Cones and Hats Examples:
Candyland Corner at Piddlestixs! 2The Party Hat Armada!The Party Hat Armada!Sweet Dreams Party Hat! 2
Princess, Pea and Tea Hat Swap!Queen of Hearts Tussie Mussie! Full View!
Carnival Soiree Hat!Sand Castle ATC Book! 10
Here is a rosette made from layers of cones:
Candyland Silhouette Rosette! 4
Vintage Paper Rosette: Blue Belle! 7
For instructions on making cone shaped projects and for the template, photo copy the template in the back of my book: Altered Art Circus, and scout out the projects in the book. Visit my flick photo gallery for tons of extra free images and inspiration!
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