Monday, June 18, 2012

Design Team Project: Mermaid Mini Card

Design Team Project

by Kim Smith

Mermaid Mini Card....Faerie Enchantment Seaside Image! 

Here is a quick and enchanting project created by design team member Kim Smith using card stock, collage images from Lisa Kettell Designs Seaside CD and various other fun embellishments!

Kim made this little 1x3 inch mini card for the swap on JoAnne's VintageDragonfly Mermaid Mini Card swap on her Flickr group. So much fun making these small cards and seeing how much you can add to them!

For this swap Kim used an image from Lisa Kettell's Seaside Images CD and then embellished with glitter, tiny seashells, metallic fish stickers and pieces from a garland. In her words: "Love the images from this CD"
Imagine all the possibilities, these cards remind me of moo cards, you could make your own moo cards for your business using vintage images and embellishments, writing your company or artistic name w/info on the back of the card! This sized card is perfect for pendants and as small book marks, the list goes on. I hope Kim's project inspired you to create some cards of your own, let's see what you come up with!



Ann said...

Kim is such a talented artist!
i have long been a fan of her gorgeous art!

faerie enchantment said...

She is amazing! I adore her and her work! Proud to have her on the team! xoxo