Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Blue Moon Cupie Plant Stake

Design Team Project
by: Sherry Payne-Scott

Blue Moon Cupie Plant Stake

    Cupie scrap book paper
    White Card stock   
    Modge Podge or White Glue
    Foam core 
    Bamboo Skewer
    Ruby Red and Silvery Blue Glitter

1.Using the Cupie scrapbook paper from Lisa Kettell Designs, glue the Cupie to card stock using Modge Podge to give rigidity
Trim the Cupie out once it's dry

2.Using a paint brush with Modge Podge or white glue to put glue on the heart and the lips sprinkling ruby glitter on the heart and lips

3.Cut a 5 1/2" circle out of foam core spread Modge Podge on top and sides, sprinkle blue glitter all over the circle
repeat for back side and let dry

4.Glue back of Cupie liberally about to waist of Cupie place onto moon and put heavy book on it until it is set

5.Using a bamboo skewer stick gently stick in the side of the circle behind the Cupie's legs

This is great for a party or just a cute decoration in a plant!
How great is Sherry's project, so amazing, I could see all my plants with these or the whole garden.

-Use outdoor glaze or decaupage medium and apply a few coats to your plant stake, insert in garden.
-Laminate your plant stake image for a weath proof all condition garden stake.


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