Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Day at Simplicity

With building the new blog format (not yet released), the website and creative work, I have neglected blogging for over a month, after returning from VK Live. During this time so much has happened and lots to share.  I'll start with a recap of my day in NYC at Simplicity and the girls.

After getting our schedules together, I ventured into the city to see my friend Michele at Simplicity Creative Group, along with a friendly lunch with Michele Muska, Laura Kelly and Laura Neiman at Pera. You couldn't ask for a better group of girls to spend the day with. Being creative, fun and exciting.
Traveling to the city is just a train ride away for me and one I enjoy.  I always grab my coffee and start walking to my destination, first off Simplicity Creative Group.  Okay, I have to say, I just love it here.  I'm always excited here.  The ribbon room is like eye candy for the soul. I mean how do you choose your favorite ribbon, or trims, you just can't.

Exploring through the sewing department and seeing everyone hard at work to bring you the latest simplicity patterns and products is exciting.  Vintage dress forms still in use, fabrics draping down off tables, glimpses inside Ek Success Brands and chatting with creative types adds to your time there.  I love the staff and their creativity.

Before we left, the four of us exchanged gifties, hugs and love, then we were all off to enjoy a wonderful lunch at Pera.  Can you say fabulous? The food at Pera is divine, Mediterranean cuisine at its finest.

Relaxing with Michele and the girls was incredible, a complete pick me up for the month.  We all left happy, inspired and shall I say, full? lol.  I returned home with a bag of goodies and a fabulous memory with good friends.  Can't wait to see my girls again.

This bowl was a gift for my new dog "BO" from Laura Kelly, created in her signature style, along with personal heart ornaments for my momma and me, plus a stash of her buttons. The trims below are from Simplicity. These will grace some projects soon.

I will keep blogging here for all adventures and creative fun. The new blog on word press will have mostly projects and creative ideas.  It should be ready first week of April, I will keep you all posted.
Till then happy crafting!


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