Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Silver Bella, Part 1, Thursday Nov. 12, 2009!
Flying to Silver Bella!

7:59 am flight from Newark Airport to Omaha, a plane filled w/many bella's waiting to start the artistic magic that was calling them in Omaha, NE. I was one of them.

Every year I treat myself to a new tradition on my birthday, that is Silver Bella, I couldn't think of a more magical and enchanting way to spend my birthday and with such great people.
The arrival in Omaha!When we arrived the shuttle scooted us over to the hotel: Embassy Suites, when I discovered my bestest friend and roomate AnnDenise would be arriving later due to an airplane issue. So all of us: Meleen, her family, Marlene, Heather, Deborah and Me went to lunch at Wheatfields, I love that place and started some antiquing at Second Chance.Second Chance! 2Second Chance
Second Chance! Deborah's Cute Find!Deb's FindDeborah and I stayed behind and went for a stroll to Joe's for some grungy antiquing, the grungier the better for me, lol.Joe's!Joe'sMe and Deborah Antiquing!Downtown Historic Omaha! 8With no roomies yet, Deborah, Heather and I headed for the Froggie Pub across the street and shared a drink or too, and wonderful conversation, while we awaited the arrival of our pals.Me Deborah and Heather After some time we headed back to the hotel, and I headed still dressed from 5am, lol to the Glitter Lounge hosted by Karla Nathan and her roomies. Karla's Glitter Lounge! 2Karla's Glitter Lounge!It is what I call the party before the party, the VIP Glitter Lounge, lol. Only I was missing my glittery outfit, since it was still in my luggage, lol, but Shea and her mom, let me fix up a bit in their room and we headed to the opening party.
Karla and the Glitter Lounge!Karla in the Glitter Lounge
Glitter Lounge Girls! 9Glitter Lounge Girls!Glitter Lounge Girls! 12Glitter Lounge: Me  and Christine!nhGlitter Lounge Girls! 10Okay can I say the best cupcakes ever and bubbly in the glitter lounge not to mention such cute ambiance, I had a blast seeing old friends, meeting new and sharing in the laughter and excitement. Then the girls were off to orientation, I was off to get AnnDenise, check in and meet the other girls for dinner at Upscene, such a fab restaurant. Some of us at Upscene!Downtown Omaha at Night!Downtown Omaha at Night! 4Downtown Omaha at Night! 5Downtown Omaha at Night! 7When I opened the hotel room, Miss AnnDenise decorated the entire room for my Birthday w/banner, ribbons, gifts, and more, I nearly cried, AnnDenise truly made my birthday that much more magical, I mean she went out of her way, even after traveling all day, to bring a surprise to me, a true and genuine friend, I love her dearly and her talent continues to excite me.My Bday Surprise-AnnDenise
The surprises didn't stop all weekend, Beautiful Shea and her Beautiful Mom, showered me with love and gifts, these two woman are a gift in theirself, beautiful and have a beautiful spirit, not to mention talented, I mean I saw what they had brought to Silver Bella and almost fainted, seriously I almost did, lol. Their crowns are to drool over.By Shea and Her Mom
By Shea and Her Mom
Sherry, Joy and Jessi!Sherry, Joy and JessiNow there is the one and only Sherry Williams, I love this girl, my Southern Diva, her presence is a gift in itself, she is the true meaning of beautiful and amazing, love this girl to bits and she surprised me w/ a gorgeous necklace which I will be wearing at Tinsel Wonderland in Dec., I can't wait to visit her in Georgia!Miss Amy!Miss AmySo many amazing girls it could take me weeks to name them all: Karla who always hosts a fabulous pre-party and goes out of her way to make it that much more special, and she surprised me with the most gorgeous handmade tree that looks so vintage and chic. love it, like a fairy christmas tree. Jessi who hosted a fabulous Omaha Tour for the day, which I missed due to my late flight, I bet those gals went crazy at the other shops. Miss Kim who is by far incredible, she goes out of her way for everyone, including me when I stayed w/her in LA, I love this gal to bits, Meleen and her family are my extended family, I adore and love them all, always looking out for me when I'm there and here back at home, such a great group, her daughter is my art buddy, she completely rocks. Marlene Haveron, okay this is Queen Bee, she is my bestest buddy, I love her to bits, she goes out of her way for everyone, including me, I can't thank her enough. Jen who I might add surprised me with the cutest flocked Santa Ornament ever, she is a true beautiful doll, and when I come to Georgia I can't wait to see her, I know we'll have a blast.
Me and Latte Lana!Lana and MeTiffany, Val, Heather, Deborah, Analise/her Mom, Lisa from Maplewood, Amy,Christine, Beth, Lana, Mendy, Katie, Susan, Amanda, Nancy, Heidi, Nina, All the Texas Chicks, California Chicks, Omaha Girls, Southern Belles, Tri-State Posse-lol, the instructors/speakers/host: Pam, Ana, Rebecca, Charlotte, Jennifer, Jo and Teresa for hosting this event. If I forgot anyone's names I thank you too, for all making my trip to Omaha so magical, successful and amazing.
Orientation at Silver Bella!Now enjoy the pictures in all the posts from my adventure, visit the other blogs to see all their fab adventures, stories and pics. My next post will be friday afternoon, and the final friday night vendor soiree.



C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Lisa, oooh Happy Birthday to you! What a fabulous time it looks like you all had! Those shops look wonderful and I LOVE the grungy antiques stores too, seems like that is where the best hidden treasures are found... the glitter lounge is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your fun birthday with everyone! Bisous... Julie Marie PS Happy Thanksgiving too!

Whim & Fancy Designs said...

I feel the same way sister sledge!

SherryRoseBella said...

You are the ONE Lisa!!! You just have a way about you that makes everyone feel so special & loved! You are so down to earth and awesome even though you are FAMOUS!!
See ya soon sweet friend!
love, Sherry