Friday, January 09, 2009

Piddlestixs: Teatime, Tiara's and Vintage Whimsy! Vol.2, Winter 2009, Now Available
Hello all,
Finally, vol.2 of Piddlestixs is now available for order in high quality book print form and cd form, for all price ranges and likes.

As each zine is released we grow more and more as a zine/magazine with additional projects, artists and stories, graphics, collage sheets and our following of loyal customers and artists who share our enthusiasm. Many have been with me from the beginning when the zine was in black and white, then black and white with 10 color pages, the mis prints, back order and foggy quality due to excessive printing, yet each of you remained true to the zine, submitting works and purchasing your copies, which has meant alot to me, the zine helpers and as a result has allowed us to become the zine we are today, still growing to new highs, and eventually a magazine with even more pages and artists.

The goal of The Faerie Zine and now Piddlestixs is to showcase artists of every level, because I believe everyone should be seen, we all have a voice and a talent all our own, not everyone is going to accept what you do, that doesn't matter, what matters is you accept what you do, believe in yourself and take criticism from others as a compliment, and strive harder to be the best you can be, with liking what you do and creating for yourself, then you can create for others.

Even with all the submissions I get I will publish them, at some point or add an extra page, these zines are for you!

Many have asked why another zine, that is so I can bring artists of every style together, some are vintage chic artists, tea lovers and Marie Antoinette Followers, others Fairy Addicts, Bright and Bold colors, Painters, Spiritual and History buffs, some love it all, mixed with some artistic magic, these zines will bring everyone together under the same roof, my roof, my world open to you!

Thank you for everything!

As for this zine vol.2 here's what to expect:
This new vol. is jammed packed with stuff, loads of guest artists and amazing collage sheets from two of your fave artists friends: Deborah Savage and Jo Oulette!

This edition includes:
-A Midsummer Tea Party
-A Lambertville Birthday Party
-The History of Glitter
-MaryAnn McKeatings: Itty Bitty Books and Club!
-Amanda Howards: Fairies and Art!
-The Enchantment of Kellie Reynolds aka Paper Cat Designs!
-Romantic Period Jewels from Aurora-Tique, including small project!
-LuLu Belles World of Dazzling Chic Jewels!
-Sandy Camarda's Doll-Land/Party!
-Silver Bella, My Artful Adventure, A must See Event!
-Charlotte's, Charlotte's and More Charlotte Dolls!
-Sweet and Scrumptious Vintage Recipes from Old Books
-Vintage Projects from the 1920's
(Dolls, Doilies, and more)
-Vintage Apron Project!
-and much more!

Now available in print form or cd form at my esty, ebay and webstores.


P.S. Keep the submissions coming, new deadline for Piddlestixs 3 and The Faerie Zine 8 is feb.15, 2009


Mavida said...

I have added you to my blog list. What a fantastic blog xxx

MaygreenFairies said...

Ohhhh Lisa hun I see I'm in your latest Piddlestix Zine.... I am soooo excited, over the moon, grinning from ear to ear, wanting to hug you, hugging my husband, jumping up and down with my kids (they have no idea why, but they think it's fun to jump with mummy!) LOL! Thank you my sweet, sweet Lisa. Hugs, Mandy xx

MaygreenFairies said...

Me Again!!!! Just put a post on my blog about your wonderful Piddlestix. Hugs, Mandy x

Lola Enchanted said...

OOoooo Looks great!!!

Sandy Michelle said...

OMG I didn't know I was in this book!!!!! Cool!!!!! I am soo excited!

Sand xox

SarahD said...

Lisa cant wait to see this edition. I love your work.

carrol said...

thank you for the amazing information....Please check out the blog mentioned below its really cool....!!!im sure you'll love it!!!