Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hello All,
I have been absent from blogging since a few days before Christmas, due to a busy time with the ending of the holidays, Christmas, New Years and Parties of the Season. As a result I have been a bit under the weather much better now, and swamped with orders, which is extra busy at this time.

I have just finished Piddlestixs Vol.2, rolled out The much awaited re-vamp of Faerie Zine vol.1 (premier edition) and Faerie Zine vol.6 a few weeks back, the collage cds also have been updated and re-vamped with hundreds of new images and new collage cds: The Fashion Plate CD and The Soiree Collage CD, all the others were updated with more of the images you have wanted and will enjoy for framing, collaging and personal fun.

Please get those Piddlestixs Vol.3 and Vol.4, Faerie Zine Vol. 7 and Vol. 8 submissions in by Feb.15 (some exceptions will be accepted on delay). Currently looking for:
-Projects and ideas ( send in a hi-res.jpeg image or two, with the complete project details: directions and materials)
-Images for the artist gallery/layouts.
-Paper Dolls, Collage Sheets, Digital Collage Templates, etc.
-Tea Time Parties you have hosted or thinking about, Tea Collections, tea Time treats, Recipes, Clothing Patterns, etc.
-Stories, Articles, Poems.
-If you interviewed someone on your blog and want to publish it, let me know, I will accept that.
-Vintage Book and Movie Reviews
-Circus Stuff, Fictional Stories, etc.
and more!

Enjoy some of these new Marie Style fashion plate images available on the new fashion plate cd and some on the Marie Royal CD!
available on my website, ebay store and etsy stores:

Click on each picture for the extra large view and download, you will enetr my flickr site and see all sizes above the images, click on that for the different download sizes!
Galerie Des Modes! Pink Tafetta!
Galerie Des Modes! Pink HairGalerie De Modes! Marie Blue Taffetta!Vintage Fashion Plate! Handcolor HairMarie Antoinette Tea Party
Vintage Fashion Plate! Marie Hair!
After The Ball, Sugary Sweet!
Duchess of Beaufort

Visit my flickr site for even more freebie images off the cds for you to use in your art works!


SunTiger said...

WOW. Love the art. {Inspiring.} Thank you for sharing!

faerie enchantment said...

You are so very welcome, stop by my flickr site for even more!
Magic and Joy!

MaygreenFairies said...

Hey hun, so glad to have you back on line I've missed your posts.

Mandy x